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Google Shopping – Product Listing Adverts for Folksy items

by Camilla

Google Shopping adverts for Folksy sellers

After trialling Google Shopping adverts for individual products on Folksy (also called Product Listing Adverts or PLAs), these have now gone live across the site. This post tells you a little more about the adverts and how you can make sure your items are included in them.

Image credit: photograph of Mr Bean in seashell sunglasses by Beach Shack Project 


What are Product Listing Adverts?

Product Listing Ads or PLAs work by showing shoppers relevant results at the top of Google results pages and on Google’s Shopping pages. Desktop computer users may also see PLAs at the top right of Google results.

When a shopper clicks on an advert it takes them directly to the product (ie to your Folksy listing).

The image below shows how Product Listing Adverts are displayed in a desktop view. In this case a user has searched Google for “Handmade chunky rustic fire surround” and the row of images at the top of the page shows the adverts returned for that search, including this fire surround by Folksy seller Colins Wood. The small ‘Sponsored’ marker indicates that these are paid-for adverts.

what are plas, Product Listing Adverts,


How do I get my listings included in PLAs?

Your products will automatically be included in Folksy Product Listing Adverts, although they may not always be shown to shoppers on Google as PLAs as that depends on what users search for, the category you have chosen to list your product in, the title of your listing and how much competitors have bid to have their products advertised in a particular search.


Can I boost my chance of being seen in Google Shopping adverts?

Yes! There are things you can do to increase the chance of your products showing up in the adverts on Google.

  1. Always use clear, informative and descriptive titles. Rather than one-word titles such as “brooch” or titles that shoppers wouldn’t necessarily search for, such as “Obscure III”, write titles that describe your product as clearly as possible, such as “copper dragonfly garden ornament” or “blue harris tweed lampshade“.
  2. Make sure you list your item in the most relevant and appropriate category.


How can I increase the chance of a shopper clicking on one of my items?

When a shopper types a particular search into Google, they will be shown a row or grid of relevant products. On mobile it will look something like this…

fused glass robin,

If a user is using a desktop computer or a tablet, they will be shown more adverts (see the first image on this post). Additionally, if users click the Shopping tab at the top of Google (on mobile, tablet or desktop) they will be presented with a list of Product Listing Adverts, showing an image, the title, price and website.

To encourage a shopper to choose your item, rather than one of the other results, always:

  1. Make your images as “clickable” as possible. Great products shots really are key. Your images should be in focus, clear, uncluttered, well-lit and show off your item. Styled product shots can work really well here – just you keep the background simple and the props relevant and beautiful. Aim to make shoppers see your product and need it in their lives!
  2. Include any important information that could sway a customer to buy your item in the title. For example, can be customised, what style or material is it made in, has it been featured in any magazines? In the case of this fused glass robin by Funky Zebra, Karen has included a clear descriptive title – “Handmade fused glass robin with oak base” – which also tells customers it comes complete with a wooden base.


Always remember that a clear descriptive title, will really help get your product seen!


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Leanne Warren February 7, 2018 - 5:02 pm

Yay!!! This is really fantastic news – I really hope this helps my shops (LEAPUP and Rose Filtered) get found as I think Folksy has the best looking and best laid out seller pages by far, I really want it to be a success. Think I might need to go back and re-do all my tags and titles though.

Camilla February 13, 2018 - 12:49 pm

Thanks for the positive feedback, Leanne. We’re really thrilled to hear you like how Folksy looks and also to have your support. You’ve got ours too! Let us know if you need any more help or advice.

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