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The UK alternative to Etsy

by Folksy

Looking for an Etsy alternative based in the UK? Join Folksy!

Are you searching for an alternative to Etsy? Do you want a vibrant and supportive marketplace where you can sell your art and handmade designs to a global audience but still feel connected to other makers in the UK?

Are you looking for a platform dedicated to craft, where your hand-crafted pieces don’t have to compete with millions of mass-produced, imported products.

Would you like to belong to a friendly, welcoming site with an incredible, supportive community of artists and makers, run by people who are genuinely passionate about craft?

Then come and join Folksy!

What Makes Folksy Different from Etsy?

No payment reserves – your funds are released immediately
No bots – we’re a team of 8 people based in the UK
No re-directing of customers – your shop/listings are your space
No automatic refunds – we review all cases impartially
No offsite advertising fees – we fund advertising from our income
No resellers – strictly handmade only
No ‘Star Seller’ metrics – you run your shop, your way

We’ve been spearheading the UK craft scene since 2008 and work with amazing partners like the Crafts Council, Heritage Crafts, Craft Festival and Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair on campaigns to support UK makers and raise the profile of craft.

By choosing to open your shop on Folksy, you’ll join a community of like-minded artists and makers on the biggest and most established UK-based marketplace for craft. You also gain access to tools and services designed to help your creative business thrive. We send every new seller a free e-course teaching you the basics of selling online, and if choose our Folksy Plus membership you’ll also get access to free workshops, seminars and events, as well as discounts with top suppliers through our Trusted Suppliers Directory.

The UK alternative to Etsy

Choosing where to sell your work involves lots of decisions, but if you’re looking for a UK-based platform that specialises in original art and craft, if you want to be part of a community that’s passionate about handmade or if you’re tired of being swamped in a sea of mass-produced products, we’re here for you.

Why Folksy is different – a UK alternative to Etsy

  • We have been supporting craft in the UK, spearheading the British handmade movement, since 2008.
  • We are a team of people who believe in handmade, not a corporate beast with shareholders to please – meet our team here >
  • We are based in the UK and pay UK taxes, so your fees contribute to your local economy.
  • Folksy isn’t just a platform, it’s a community. This is at the heart of what we do.
  • We might be small but we are mighty.
  • We have a loyal customer base of people looking to buy something unique and handmade in Britain.
  • No vintage or reselling is allowed on Folksy.
  • We want to keep Folksy about original art and craft, so we regularly review all reported items and shops.
  • Unlike Etsy, we only charge commission on the product you have made and sold, not on your postage costs.
  • We aim to keep our fees fair and and our commission as low as possible. That’s why we introduced the Folksy Plus Account – to give you the option of paying a flat monthly or annual fee.
  • We have a fast and friendly support team who are always there to help and answer your questions.
  • We can import your listings from Etsy. Find out how here >
  • We are the UK marketplace for makers. If you’d like to join us, we’d love to have you.

 A marketplace made for makers

We want Folksy to be the best place in the UK to buy and sell craft. But we also want to ensure that our platform is a safe, friendly and welcoming for everyone, no matter their background or level of experience – from those knitting on the sofas in the evening to professional craftspeople with their own studios, and those who feel their work doesn’t fit into the accepted canon of craft.

We don’t want to be the gatekeepers of what is “good enough”. As makers ourselves, we know that craft helps our mental health and well-being, and we want to ensure as many people as possible can benefit from that.

We have seen that craft offers an alternative source of income, validation and community for those excluded from the workforce due to health issues, caring responsibilities or other factors. We want Folksy to open that door.

We also want Folksy to offer access to anyone who has been excluded from traditional routes into the craft sector – and give them visibility. 

Folksy is a place where all these people can come and find support and friendship from a like-minded community. 

Best UK alternatives to Etsy
Sarah Bell, SarahDesignsUK

Here are some more reasons why we’d love you to try Folksy…

  • Folksy is a limited business based in Sheffield, Yorkshire, in the north of England.
  • Folksy is the biggest UK site for handmade but we are still much smaller than Etsy so your products have a better chance of being standing out.
  • Around 8,000 artists and makers sell on Folksy every year, with between 3,000 and 5,000 sellers at any one time.
  • Although you have to be based in the UK to sell on Folksy, we have customers all around the world.
  • We haven’t floated on the stockmarket, so we don’t have the profit interests of shareholders to please.
  • Six (of our team of nine) come from designer/maker backgrounds.
  • Handmade, original designs are our passion. To give makers the best opportunity to showcase their work, we do not support resellers. See our handmade policy here >
  • Our team regularly review items and shops on Folksy to ensure they meet our terms, helped by our eagle-eyed community.
  • We don’t hold on to your money. When you sell something on Folksy, the payment goes straight into your PayPal or Stripe account.
  • We aim to give our sellers the tools and skills they need to grow their businesses.
  • We listen to our community and always aim to put their needs first.
Free etsy import service on Folksy

Already on Etsy? Try our free Etsy Import Service!

Click here to find out how >

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