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Folksy Friday Day

Folksy Friday Day – fill your Folksy shop for free!

Fill your Folksy shop for free on Folksy Friday Day!

Add Friday 16th November 2018 to your diary because it’s Folksy Friday Day – YAY! – a very special day dedicated to the  amazing people making and creating across the British Isles. To celebrate you and your many creative talents, we’re offering everyone who crafts, creates, prints, paints, solders, knots, knits, stitches and sketches, the chance to fill their Folksy shop for free – and then share their creations with the world using the #folksyfriday hashtag!

Folksy Friday, dog mug, olley pottery,

Hand-thrown illustrated Dog Mug by Olley Pottery

This offer is available to everyone – open a new Folksy shop and you can list 20 products for absolutely nothing… or stock up the shelves of your existing Folksy shop in time for Christmas! Just get listing and sharing!!

‘The World is but a Canvas for our Imagination’ card by Primrose Place Art

Folksy Friday Day, free listings, free listings offer Folksy,

Crochet Hook Storage Bag by Leaky Breeks on Folksy

How do I get my free listings?

Usually when you open your shop you get 3 free listings, but from the morning of Friday 16th November until midnight on Sunday 18th November 2018 we’re giving everyone on Folksy 20 listings for free. You don’t need any codes, just list your products and you won’t be charged! And if you’re a Folksy Plus Account member, you’ll get 3 extra days added to your account. Woohoo! You can even edit the photos and tweak text for the entire four months the items are listed, so don’t panic about getting everything done on the day.

Folksy Friday Day, free listings, free listings offer Folksy,Spool Pin Cushion by Stitch Galore

What about the Folksy Friday bit?

Once you’ve listed your products FOR FREE, you share them across social media using the #folksyfriday hashtag to help get them seen.

It’s even better if you can create a #folksyfriday post on your blog or on social media featuring lovely things you’ve found on Folksy. Just choose a theme (maybe a colour, a style, a mood, seasonal stuff, a niche craft or anything you can think of), then find a selection of lovely things from folksy.com that fit your theme and share them. There are no hard and fast rules, just be creative, think of a catchy title and post it using the #folksyfriday tag. We’ll share as many of your Folksy Friday posts as we can on our social media channels – getting your shop in front of even more customers!

Folksy Friday Day, free listings, free listings offer Folksy,

Vintage Spool Magnets by Emma Verner Designs

 When is it happening?

Folksy Friday Day is on Friday 16th November 2018, which is the weekend before our Celebrate Handmade campaign kicks off on Friday 23rd November and five weeks before Christmas – so it’s the perfect time to open a shop and get your products online! You’ll be able to list your products for free over the whole of that weekend – from the morning of the 16th November until midnight on Sunday 18th.

amazing cuff made in uk

Clare Gent – over 2800 sales on Folksy

by charlies hand

By Charlie’s Hand – over 4,300 sales on folksy

cute bear clothes hanger

Red Hand Gang – over 1,700 sales on Folksy


Is Folksy right for you?

Do you want your work to be on a site all about art, craft and handmade? Folksy was created with the aim of showcasing the work of British designers and makers. Launched in 2008, we’ve grown to become the most popular UK site for handmade craft and limited-edition designs. Folksy is all about handmade.

We don’t do vintage or mass-produced products. We ‘do’ Folksy because we love craft and design, and because we want to support people using their creativity and talent to make beautiful work. We’re a handmade marketplace that will champion your products – the only thing we ask is that your products are high quality, definitely handmade and that for you, like us, customer service is your top priority.


Why open a shop on Folksy?

• It’s free to open a Folksy shop!

• It’s easy to list your products and costs just 15p per listing (BUT 20 for FREE this weekend)

• We have low commission fees: just 6%

• We have a friendly, supportive team of real people ready to help (just tweet @folksy or email us!)

No resellers are allowed. No vintage. Just handmade! 

• Folksy is for UK sellers only, although we have buyers from all over the world!

• New sellers are featured on the home page

• Folksy sellers can personalise their shop and get their very own shop URL

• Sellers can stock as much or as little as they like

• We have loads of useful advice for designers and makers on our blog at blog.folksy.com

Good luck with your new craft shop!

Open your shop now!


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