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Get your shop seen this season – join our Instagram Challenge and social media campaigns!

This November and December, we’re going to be running not one, not two but THREE campaigns you can join in with… to help spread the word about Folksy and get your shop & products in front of more people. There will be Folksy Friday Day, our Celebrate Handmade campaign and The 12 Days of Folksy.

We’d love as many people to get involved, sharing the love and help get even more people buying and selling on Folksy this Christmas. Here’s how you can get involved…

Folksy Friday Day, free listings, free listings offer Folksy,

FOLKSY FRIDAY DAY – Friday 16 November

How to join in:

  1. List your creations on Folksy FOR FREE!
  2. Share your new products or other lovely things you’ve found on Folksy using the #folksyfriday tag
  3. Tell your creative friends and all the artists and makers in your tribe about Folksy Friday Day and encourage them to open their own Folksy shop and get listing for free!

What is it?

Folksy Friday Day is a day dedicated to all the amazing people making and creating across the British Isles. To celebrate YOU and your many creative talents, we’re offering everyone who crafts, creates, prints, paints, solders, knots, knits, stitches and sketches the chance to fill their Folksy shop for free – and then share your creations with the world using the #folksyfriday hashtag.

Usually when you open a Folksy shop you get 3 free listings but on Folksy Friday Day we want to fill the world with even more handmade goodness, which is why starting in the early hours of Friday 16th November and right through to midnight on Sunday 18th November 2018,  we’re giving everyone on Folksy 20 listings for free. So whether you’ve got a Folksy shop already and want to stock the shelves with lots of Christmas products or you want to launch a brand new Folksy shop, this your chance to fill your shop without spending a penny. You don’t need any codes, just get listing – and if you’re a Folksy Plus Member, you’ll automatically get a 3-day extension on your account. Woohoo!


What’s the #FolksyFriday bit?

Once you’ve listed your products, you need the world to know about them… and that’s where Folksy Friday comes in! There are a couple of ways to do it:

  1. Post your new Folksy listings – or share your brand new Folksy shop – on social media using the #folksyfriday hashtag (try adding the #newonfolksy tag to your posts too)
  2. Or even better, create a #folksyfriday post on social media or on your blog featuring lovely things you’ve found on Folksy. Just choose a theme (maybe a colour, a style, a mood, seasonal stuff, a niche craft or anything you can think of), then find a selection of lovely things from folksy.com that fit your theme and share them. There are no hard and fast rules, just be creative, think of a catchy title and post it using the #folksyfriday tag.

We’ll share as many of your Folksy Friday posts as we can on our social media channels – getting your shop in front of even more customers! Folksy Friday is all about sharing the love!! 

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CELEBRATE HANDMADE CAMPAIGN – launching Friday 23 November

How to join in:

  1. Share 4 posts on social media over the Black Friday weekend, telling people:
    – What it means to you when someone buys one of your pieces
    – Why you love giving and receiving handmade
    – What goes into each of your pieces – the process behind the product
    – Why buying handmade is a good thing – why should people choose to shop small, independent and handmade
  2. Use the #celebrate_handmade hashtag on all your posts
  3. Tag Folksy in all your posts so we can see and share them more easily.
  4. If you have a blog, write a post about why you want to Celebrate Handmade – and tell us about it on social so we can share it (don’t forget to tag us!)

What is it?

Friday 23rd November is Black Friday but we don’t want to join the cut-price celebration of consumerism. We want to celebrate handmade instead. That’s why we’re going to spend the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend telling everyone why it means much more to buy something handmade with love and skill, direct from the maker, and encouraging them to shop small on Folksy.

We want to get people thinking about what they buy, who they buy from and how products are made. Craft skills need to be cherished, valued and passed down from generation to generation to keep them alive. You can help us do that, while also getting your work seen, by joining in our Celebrate Handmade campaign!

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12 Days of Folksy, Instagram Challenge, Christmas Instagram Challenge, Instagram Challenge Prompts,

12 DAYS OF FOLKSY – 1-12 December

How to join in:

  1. The 12 Days of Christmas is our brand new Instagram Challenge that everyone can join in with. To take part, see our list of prompts and then create a post for each day from 1-12 December on that day’s theme. Share your posts on Instagram and/or your other social media channels using the #12DaysofFolksy hashtag in the caption and tag us at @folksyhq.
  2.  Check our social media channels every day for our 12 Days of Folksy giveaways to find out what that day’s prize is and how you can win.
  3. Keep checking the #12DaysofFolksy hashtag – like and comment on other people’s posts to share the love and help them get seen (you could even share your favourite posts on your own Instagram Stories!)

What is it?

We’ve come up with a fantastically festive Instagram Challenge called The 12 Days of Folksy that you can all join in with this December. It’s designed to give you ideas for posts and help increase your visibility over the crazy Christmas season.

To join with the #12DaysofFolksy hashtag challenge, see our list of prompts. Then create a post for each day from 1-12 December based around that day’s theme and share your posts on Instagram on the right day, adding the #12DaysofFolksy hashtag and tagging us at @folksyhq in your caption. You can plan them in advance if that makes it easier and schedule them to post on each day – read how here >

We’ve kept the prompts broad so you can be creative! Interpret them how you like – think about mixing product shots with insight into your life as a designer/maker and snippets from your home life. Make sure you check the hashtag to see what other people are posting, and share the love by liking and commenting! This will help everyone get seen more.

Check our Instagram every day too, where we’ll be giving away some incredibly special pieces by Folksy sellers. Exciting!!

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