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how to write a fantastic about page, About Pages, Charlotte Hupfield

How To Write A Fantastic ‘About’ Page for your Folksy shop

How to write your About Me page

If there’s one thing you need to know for your Folksy ‘About’ page, it’s this: your about page is not just about you. Have you ever got stuck at the party with someone who only wants to talk about themselves? It’s not that much fun. On the other hand, a two-way conversation where you’re both looking forward to hearing a bit about each other? That’s more like it. That’s what relationships are made of, and making relationships with people is always the key to selling what you do.

Writing a really good About page for your Folksy shop takes a mindshift. Yes, it definitely needs to tell us about you and your shop, but it also needs to let whoever’s reading know that you have something that’s going to help them.

What follows next are seven short sections with an action for you to do at the end of each one. Don’t overthink your answers too much – it’s astonishing how often our gut answers are the right ones. So are you ready? Here’s how to write your Folksy About page..

Pictured all through the article: Folksy maker and potter Charlotte Hupfield in her studio.
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how to write a fantastic about page, About Pages, Charlotte Hupfield

Folksy maker Charlotte Hupfield in her studio

1. Your Folksy About Page Needs You

If you haven’t filled out your About section on Folksy, then I understand. You’re busy and you’ve got orders to make. But you should do it and here’s why: a huge part of the appeal of buying handmade is that Folksy customers get to know the story and the background of what you do. They’d love to imagine the smell of the wood shavings on your workshop floor or the feel of that colourful stash of silk you’re keeping in your cupboard.

An About page is the perfect place to summon those kind of emotions in customers and inspire them to invest their money in your shop. It’s also a great place to show off your personality, to put in ‘magic words’ that will help you to get found in Google (more on that later) and tell people why you do what you do.

Action: Commit right now to reading the rest of this article – and get your Folksy about page written.

how to write a fantastic about page, About Pages,

2. Think About Your Customer First

Customers don’t really buy handmade because they need to (like toothpaste or milk). They buy handmade because of what it represents – craftsmanship, individuality and a story that can’t be found elsewhere.

When you’re selling something handmade, you’re appealing to a desire or an emotion, so think about the desires your customer might have before you start writing. It’s important not to guess, so if you’re really honest, and you don’t actually know what your customers want, then find one and ask them in an email, face to face or on the phone.

For example, your customers might really care about sustainability. Maybe they have little children and always need inexpensive gifts for kids parties. Perhaps they’re married to the person who has everything and need to find a totally unique gift they can’t get anywhere else. Think about the gaps your product can fill before you start writing your page. Think about the desires your business can fulfil.

Action: Brainstorm a quick list of things your customer cares about, wants or desires. If you’re not sure, find one customer (or your best guess at a customer if you don’t have one yet) and ask them some questions about why they buy handmade and what’s important to them.

how to write a fantastic about page, About Pages, Charlotte Hupfield

Start by telling people who you are and what you make

3. Start Your About Page With A Snap

The way to start your About page is with a one-line introduction about who you are. Make it short, sweet and snappy. For example:

  • “I’m Martha, a freelance copywriter for creative business, otherwise known as The Stitch Writer.”
  • “I’m Sarah and I run The Wild Silversmith, a jewellery studio in rural Scotland.”

Say your name and / or your shop name. Say what you make. Say where you make it. Easy peasy.

Action: Write your opening introduction line.

how to write a fantastic about page, About Pages,

4. Tell Us How You Started

In this part of the page you’re going to tell us a bit of your personal story that relates to what you do. Make it simple. Just tell the truth.

  • “I started making jewellery at university to avoid writing essays. When my friends started asking me to make jewellery for them, I moved back to Scotland and decided to open a shop on Folksy.”
  • “I first tried my hand at baking when I was a girl, spending weekends with my grandma. She was an amazing baker and inspired me to make all sorts of bread and cakes with unusual ingredients.”

Action: Write one or two lines to say how you got started.

how to write a fantastic about page, About Pages, Charlotte Hupfield

Tell people why you do what you do – and what makes your work special

5. Tell Us Why You Do It

Being able to share the ‘WHY’ behind what you do creates an emotional connection with your potential customer. This is part of the trigger behind choosing to buy something, rather than whether it comes in blue or green. Just like before, keep it simple and tell the truth. For example:

  • “I love writing for creative businesses because discovering new designers and makers is so inspiring. I feel excited and privileged that I get to play a small part in developing small brands and working freelance means I get to spend time with my family too.”
  • “When my children were really young and constantly needed something to do, we were always making crafts at the kitchen table. I thought of other parents who might not know where to find ideas or materials and created a craft kit with them in mind.”

Action: Write one or two lines to tell us your WHY. What motivates and excites you about what you do?

how to write a fantastic about page, About Pages,

6. Tell Us How Your Shop Can Help

Because we’re in the business of selling desire and what handmade represents, rather than solving a specific problem, it’s time to appeal to the desire that your customer has. Here are a couple of examples (although it’s likely to be something else entirely!):

  • Your customer aspires to the dreamy ideal of your rural workshop because they work in a corporate, fast-paced job in the city.
  • Your customer constantly needs a supply of children’s birthday cards with age numbers because of all their friend’s children keep having birthdays.

Go back to your customer research in part 2 and pick the one most important thing your customer needs or aspires to. How does what you do answer that question or solve that problem?

Based on the two examples of customers above I might write:

  • “My range of hand-turned wooden bowls and spoons is inspired by the way we live slowly in the countryside. We believe that everything in a house should be useful and beautiful, and that no matter where you live, you can embrace this way of life.”
  • “If you’re getting more invites to children’s parties than you can handle, our range of quirky, handmade birthday cards with a number for every age makes sure you’re always prepared. If you’re really stuck for time, we’ll even write and ship it for you too!”

Action: Think of your customer’s biggest priority – remember to ASK them if you don’t know – then write one or two sentences to solve their problem or desire.

how to write a fantastic about page, About Pages, Charlotte Hupfield

What can you offer customers that fulfils their needs or desires?

7. Tell Us What You’d Like Us To Do Now

Towards the end of the About page, you’re going to inspire the reader to do something practical. It might be a small ask like clicking through to your social media. It might be a bigger ask – perhaps you’ve got a new collection that you’d like to direct them to or you’ve got a mailing list you’d like them to sign up to?

Now that you have your customer’s attention, what’s the one thing you could ask of them that will be of the most value to your business?

Action: Write one sentence asking your reader to do one thing.

how to write a fantastic about page, About Pages,

8. Give Some Polish

You might have heard the term ‘brand voice’ or ‘tone of voice’ – it’s the way that your writing comes across and sounds. When you’re face to face with your own brand all the while, this can feel hard to achieve!

To be yourself when you write takes practice and the more you do of it, the easier it will become. If you’re new to this, then imagine you’re talking to someone you know really well, like your sister or friend and write to them. Once you have something down, think about your customer. Are the words you’ve used going to appeal to them and strike the right tone?

Don’t be afraid to be yourself. If you’re prone to using the word ‘amazeballs’, then use it. Some people might be put off but others will really connect with that. Don’t try and satisfy the masses. It’s much better to have the attention of fewer people who really care about your work than a ton of people who will never spend a single penny on it.

Action: Take a look at what you’ve written. Does it flow? Does it sound natural, as though you’re talking to someone you know? Are you using the kinds of words that will appeal to your customer?

how to write a fantastic about page, About Pages, Charlotte Hupfield

Sprinkle some SEO magic by including the right words

9. And Finally…

This last part is optional but giving your copy some sparkle with “magic words” could give you a huge boost in internet search. Use a keyword tool like Ubersuggest and type in a word or phrase that describes what you make. The tool will bring up all kinds of suggestions for similar terms that people are actually typing into Google. If you can find one that is low in competition and has a decent amount of people searching on it, it’s a great idea to weave it naturally into your writing.

Read more about how to use Ubersuggest and find the magic keywords for your brand here https://blog.folksy.com/2018/07/03/seo-basics-designers-makers

how to write a fantastic about page, About Pages, Charlotte Hupfield

And that’s it! Don’t miss this huge opportunity to sell what you do, be yourself, consider your customer and use some magic words to get found in search.

What’s the bit of your Folksy about section you need the most help with? Leave a comment and let me know!


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