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zombie sloth in jungle

Zombie Sloth – the story of Folksy Friday Film no. 2

by Camilla

Every Friday in May and June we’re releasing a mini movie designed to spread some handmade joy. All the films have been imagined, written, directed and edited by Folksy seller Leanne Warren, and the logo animation featured in the films has been done by another masterful Folksy seller Yas Bowley. Each film features the handmade creations of yet more Folksy sellers, showing just how much talent there is on Folksy!

‘Zombie Sloth’ is the second in the series, and tells the story of a zombie sloth who wakes from his undead slumber and, between more snoozes, redecorates his jungle pad to warn off any potential intruders so he and his zombie rock followers and pet chicken can live in peace among the monsteras… although if you look closely you might spot little zombie bite marks on the signs, and there is the incident with the snake, so maybe it’s not all peaceful in Monsteraland?

The making of…

This stop-motion film is the brainchild of animator Leanne Warren from LEAPUP with additional animation by Yas Bowley. It features zombie sloths, toucans, rocks and art by fionaT and Little Black Heart, a loyal chicken companion by Sharon Greaves from Daisylions (we’re hoping that bottle of ketchup isn’t meant for you), and Lydia Meiying‘s awesome monstera print. You can find them all on Folksy! 

The film also features Andy Blarg’s genius Sloth Song as its soundtrack. Andy adapted and performed a brand new version especially for us all the way from Idaho in the US, with Leanne’s hubbie Steve Warren accompanying on ukulele! Go follow his YouTube channel: Andyblarg’s Music.

Zombie Sloth by Fiona T on Folksy

About the makers and pieces featured in ‘Zombie Sloth’

Fiona T‘s textile zombie sloth shows some serious textile and freestyle machine embroidery skills. Her original sloth (available here) was adapted for the animation and a simple wire skeleton added to help with ease of movement. This helps him appear little more ‘3D’ and interact with simple props throughout the animation.

Zombie Toucan by Fiona T

Fiona also came up with a brand new ‘Zombie Toucan’ design especially for the film – which you can now buy in her Folksy shop here. Two toucans were created for the animation and the wings are movable so they can appear to flap and fly.

Zombie Sloth drawing by Little Black Heart

Sal Thompson (aka Little Black Heart) created the warning signs and ‘zombie rocks’ used in the animation. Each little illustrated sign is beautifully hand painted and, if you look closely, you’ll see even includes little zombie bite marks – the skill and attention to detail on such a miniature scale is exceptional.

Zombie Sloth King

The backdrop was created using foraged material from Leanne’s garden combined with cotton wool which Leanne painted to create a Spanish moss effect and a stick picked up on a walk. The key element of the background is a striking green monstera print by Lydia Meiying. She sells this gorgeous tropical cheeseplant design on notebooks and other items in her Folksy shop, like this Monstera Print A6 mini notebook.

The sloth’s pet chicken created by Folksy seller DaisyLions, using textile and wire, to help her escape the sloth’s clutches! As well as chickens, Sharon also makes textile owls, box frames featuring her needle-felted and hand embroidered creations, embroidered brooches and even space hopper bunting! Discover her work here – https://folksy.com/shops/Daisylions

At the end of the stop-motion section, you’ll see a zombie devouring our logo. This has been created by Yas Bowley, who took Little Black Heart‘s zombie illustration and turned it into an animation.

Handmade Snake and Monstera Plant in Jungle

The Sloth Song

Finally while researching ideas for the soundtrack, Leanne and Steve came across ‘The Sloth Song’ by AndyBlarg. They approached Andy to ask permission to use the lyrics, and instead he offered to work with Steve to record a brand new version! The tune you can hear in our Folksy Friday film is Andy singing his own lyrics with Steve playing the ukulele, recorded on both sides of the Atlantic. It’s AMAZING!

Fun fact: AndyBlargh’s real name is Andy Black, and he says:
“I’m a 28-year-old, nearly graduated, college student at BYU Idaho, currently at home for the summer volunteering at the Sacramento Zoo as I want to be a zookeeper for Disney World. I love writing parody songs for YouTube as a hobby, but I also like playing Nintendo games, being around animals and dancing. I created ‘The Sloth Song’ because sloths were being introduced to a park I was volunteering at and I thought it would be fun to write a song about them. People love sloths so I found some free archive music and then wrote some lyrics with some funny sloth facts.”

We’re so very grateful for Andy’s contribution which makes the film and its quirky characters even more charming. Visit his YouTube channel for more parody songs about sharks, turkeys, video games and even hamsters – AndyBlargh on YouTube.

Look out for more Folksy Friday Films!

A huge thank you to everyone involved in making this film and all the others. You can watch them all on the Folksy YouTube channel and look out for a new one every Friday in May and June on our social media channels. You can also watch the first Folksy Friday film ‘Hatching Chicks’ here – Hatching Chicks on YouTube and learn more about our Folksy Fridays and how YOU can join in with the fun here – https://blog.folksy.com/2019/04/29/folksy-friday-fun-films

Upside Down Sloth in Jungle

Where to find the makers on Folksy

You can find Fiona T on Folksy here – https://folksy.com/shops/fionaT

See Little Black heart’s shop on Folksy here – https://folksy.com/shops/littleblackheart

Shop Lydia Meiying here – https://folksy.com/shops/lydiameiying

Visit DaisyLions here – https://folksy.com/shops/Daisylions

See Leanne’s Folksy shop LeapUp here – https://folksy.com/shops/LEAPUP

See Yas Bowley’s Folksy shop IndaBayi here – https://folksy.com/shops/IndaBayi

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