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Ballerina Mouse and Blue Tit

Ballerina Mouse – a Folksy Friday Film

by Camilla

Ballerina and Mouse

Ballerina Mouse is the fourth in the series of Folksy Friday Films. It’s the very first animation Leanne Warren had planned right at the beginning of this project, and it was actually the beautiful Chateau mouse made by Erica Jane Waters from Wilderstitch that inspired Leanne to create the whole series.

As she explains: “After the success of the Mr Mouse Christmas film and then a very long winter rut figuring out how to drive my other projects forward, I thought how lovely it would be to bring her to life, let her dance and allow her to use her pretty ballerina shoes.”

Ballerina Mouse Wilderstitch

I thought how lovely it would be to bring this mouse to life, let her dance and allow her to use her pretty ballerina shoes.

Erica very kindly adapted her design especially for the animation, reducing the amount of stuffing to allow greater flexibility and adding a basic thin wire frame to her arms and legs, to help Leanne mould some of the movements achieved in the film. “I also used incredibly thin fishing line to help me create some of her dancing silhouettes . Let’s not talk about how long I’ve spent untangling fishing line!”

Watch Ballerina Mouse dance below or on YouTube

About Ballerina Mouse

Each Folksy Friday animation is intended to have a different feel and, for this one, Leanne wanted to created something pared back, a little more refined, elegant, beautiful and classic. She chose to include a felted blue tit made by Mish Mash Mosh so that Chateau Mouse has a beautiful bird to interact and dance with.

“I have a particular fondness for blue tits,” says Leanne. “So much so, that it’s the bird we had on our wedding cake and wedding card invitations and stationery. I love what Mandy achieved through the felting and wire frame. She created two birds for the animation, giving them wire wings for more versatility of movement, one with wings wide open and one perching. Her work has blown me away and I’m really excited to show her beautiful work brought to life.” 

Blue Tit and Rose Petals
Felted Blue Tit by Mish Mash Mosh

“As the film is quite minimal I couldn’t resist a pop of colour and thought Jane Crick’s beautiful pink rose gift wrap would tie in well with the bird theme and Chateau Mouse’s rose headwear. Jane has been a huge supporter of the Folksy animations and was an avid fan of Mr Mouse at Christmas, so I’m really pleased to be able to showcase her beautiful designs in this film.”

About the logo animation

For this week’s animation, Yas Bowley created a refined, understated interpretation of the Folksy logo. “Once again, wow,” says Leanne. “It’s gorgeous! Seeing Yas’s logo animations and how they tie into the film is without question my favourite surprise every week.” 


Created by Leanne Warren
Folksy logo animation by Yas Bowley
Music: Gymnopedie by Erik Satie, performed on ukulele & keyboard by Steven Warren; after-party music, written and performed on ukulele by Steven Warren

Ballerina Mouse made by Erica at Wilderstitch
Blue Tit made by Mandy at Mish Mash Mosh
Wrapping paper by Jane Crick

More about the makers

Read our Meet the Maker interview with Erica Jane Waters of Wilderstitch here – https://blog.folksy.com/2019/06/11/wilderstitch-heirloom-dolls

Read our Meet the Maker interview with designer and illustrator Jane Crick here – https://blog.folksy.com/2017/07/11/jane-crick-graphic-designer

If any Folksy makers are interested in contributing to future animation projects outside of this Folksy series, Leanne is setting up a newsletter so she can email makers with opportunities to get involved. Contact her through Folksy or her website leapup.co.uk if you want to get involved.

Present wrapped in Rose Gift Wrap by Jane Crick

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