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Scene from Under the Sea Folksy Friday Film

Under the Sea – a Folksy Friday Film

by Camilla

Under the Sea & Plastic Free

Folksy Friday Film no. 7 isn’t really a story, more an ode to the ocean and the beautiful creatures that live there (even imaginary ones) – and a call to protect them from plastic pollution.

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The message behind the film

We throw away millions of tonnes of plastic and every year more than 8 million tonnes of it end up in the world’s oceans. Over half of the plastic we produce is only used once but will remain on the planet for hundreds of years, and experts predict that by 2050 the amount of plastic in our seas will weigh more than the amount of fish in the ocean (read more here). Plastic pollution is having a devastating impact not just on the environment, the mammals and marine life who consume it, get entangled in it and see their habitats destroyed by it, but as new research shows also on the health and livelihoods of the poorest people in the world.

As Sir David Attenborough explains here, it’s something that we actually have the power to do something about, so Leanne created this Folksy Friday Film in the hope of raising awareness of the problem of plastic pollution and inspiring people to learn more and cut down on the amount of plastic we use in our everyday lives. For Leanne, it’s not just a case of recycling more, but understanding what happens to all our plastic and using less. As she explains: “I watched a film that showed much of the waste we put into our recycling bins doesn’t even get recycled – it gets dumped abroad and ends up finding its way back into in our oceans. I knew about the problem of plastic pollution in the sea but to hear that even things I’ve put into recycling, thinking I was doing my bit, are being ditched elsewhere is really disturbing. The impact our litter, from here in the UK, is having on the environment is jaw dropping.”

products sold with plastic-free or recycled packaging on Folksy
Just some of the products sold with plastic-free or recycled packaging on Folksy

There are already lots of artists, designers and makers on Folksy who are actively reducing the amount of plastic they use, by either using plastic-free packaging or recycled packaging to wrap their parcels, helping you to shop plastic-free. Even seemingly small actions like this can start to make a difference.

See more products sold with recycled or plastic-free packaging on Folksy

Mermaid and Seal
Mermaid by Oo That’s Nice and Painted Seal Pebble by Cobble Creatures

About the film

To make the Folksy Friday film, Leanne gathered together fish, mermaids, seahorses, seals, narwhals, all created by generous and talented makers on Folksy. Fiona T made us some very special sea unicorns, while Eleanor Watson from The Porcelain Menagerie made porcelain seahorses, Karen Nelson from Ooh That’s Nice crafted a mermaid, Joy Salt from Joys of Glass created dolphins in glass, Vanessa from Cobble Created painted a seal pebble, and Vanda Parkinson from Appley Dapply’s Store Cupboard and Teresa Bettelley from Shirley Rainbow both felted fish.

The original plan was that the music would be fun and silly and we would quote narwhal facts over the song but it turned into something more serious, lyrical and gorgeously mellow. The soundtrack was created around some lyrics Leanne scribbled down which Steve Warren put to music, and which their talented friend Shelly Ambury brought to life with her mesmerising vocals. The track is called Ocean Song and you can stream it on Spotify here.

Ocean Song lyrics

OCEAN SONG – the lyrics

Swimming along on the ocean bed,
Little fishes swimming round my head,
Bottles and bags, flip flops, toothbrushes too,
What on earth are we going to do? 

Humans got it wrong you have to admit, 
Sorting recyclables to do y’ bit,
Instead it’s shipped off abroad and dumped in plain sight, 
No more ignorance we must put it right. 

Masses of plastic across the seas, 
Contamination harmful to me,
And the plastic ends up on your plate,
Better to make a change before it’s too late. 

Law makers, businesses, all of society, 
It’s time to take some responsibility, 
Single-use plastics fill the shops,
When is the plastic production gonna stop? 

Ocean Song featuring Shelly Ambury – available here

narwhal soft sculptures under water
Narwhals made especially for the animation by fiona t.


Created by Leanne Warren
Folksy logo animation by Yas Bowley
Music: lyrics by Leanne Warren, arranged and performed by Steven Warren
Vocals by Shelly Ambury

Products featured:
Porcelain Seahorse by The Porcelain Menagerie
Mermaid by Oo That’s Nice
Painted Seal Pebble by Cobble Creatures
Dolphin Stained Glass Suncatchers by Joys of Glass
Felt Fish Brooches by Appley Dapply’s Store Cupboard
Felt Fish by Shirley Rainbow
Narwhals by Fiona T

Makers featured:
Eleanor Watson from The Porcelain Menagerie – https://folksy.com/shops/Mollygosh
Karen Nelson from Ooh That’s Nice – https://folksy.com/shops/oothatsnice
Vanessa from Cobble Creatures – https://folksy.com/shops/Cobblecreatures
Joy Salt from Joys of Glass – https://folksy.com/shops/JOYSofGLASS
Vanda Parkinson from Appley Dapply’s Store Cupboard https://folksy.com/shops/AppleyDapplysStoreCupboard
Teresa Bettelley from Shirley Rainbow – https://folksy.com/shops/ShirleyRainbow
Fiona Thomson aka Fiona T. – https://folksy.com/shops/fionat

under the sea animation

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Find out how you can help

Learn more about the impact of plastic and what you can do here – https://friendsoftheearth.uk/plastics/plastic-problem

Read this report on the impact of plastic pollution on the health and livelihoods of millions of people living in poverty – https://learn.tearfund.org/resources/policy_and_research/sustainable_economics/circular_economy/#a5

Read the facts around plastic in the ocean here – https://www.earthday.org/2018/04/05/fact-sheet-plastics-in-the-ocean/

Get tips on how to live without plastic – https://friendsoftheearth.uk/plastics/living-without-plastic

See the products on Folksy that come in plastic-free packaging – https://folksy.com/tags/plastic_free_packaging

Folksy Logo with Narwhal

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