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ColourMeFolksy Instagram hashtag

#ColourMeFolksy – a new Instagram hashtag for the bright and beautiful

by Camilla

A new Instagram hashtag for makers of many hues

All this week glass artist Robyn Coetzee has been taking over the FolksyHQ Instagram account, filling it with her gorgeous glass and her favourite finds on Folksy. She’s also created a brand new Instagram hashtag to help discover more bright and beautiful things on Folksy. It’s called #colourmefolksy and you can used it on all your bright, rainbow-hued Instagram posts to find other makers creating colourful makes and inject some kaleidoscopic tones into your day!

So start tagging your colourful makes and brighten up the darkest of days – and don’t forget to join in with Hannah Berridge‘s #MakersChristmasCountdown Instagram challenge too! Read more about that here – https://blog.folksy.com/2019/09/18/new-instagram-hashtag-for-makers-christmas-2019

See more of our favourite hashtags for makers, craft and handmade here – https://blog.folksy.com/2016/07/16/instagram-hashtags-craft-handmade

And read our Meet the Maker interview with Robyn here – https://blog.folksy.com/2019/09/16/robyn-coetzee-glass-artist

Featured in the main image: Hand-embroidered Felt Flower by Shirley Rainbow, Fused Glass Rainbow Earrings by Robyn Coetzee, Colourful hand-painted earrings by Zinome, Mustard Yellow Felt Bear by Georgie’s Little Makes. Featured in the Instagram post: Crochet Stegosaurus by Crochet Shaz

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