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How to get more customers to your Folksy shop

5 quick and easy ways to drive more people to your Folksy shop

by Camilla

How to get more customers to your Folksy shop

How do you get more people to your Folksy shop? That’s always going to be the big question. There are, of course, many elements that go into successful marketing, and we have a whole section on the Folksy blog dedicated to Marketing Tips for Makers, but in this post we’re going to focus on five simple things you can do that could have an immediate impact on your creative business. They’re not complicated or time-consuming, and some of them will probably be things you’re already doing or have done, but go through the list and tick them off, one at a time, and you’ll hopefully see more customers coming your way!

How to get more customers to your Folksy shop

1. Add a ‘Shop Now’ button on Facebook

Make it really easy for customers to buy something they’ve seen on Facebook by adding a ‘Shop Now’ button linked to your Folksy shop to your Facebook page. The fewer clicks it takes for someone to get to your Folksy shop, the easier it is for them to buy, and the more likely they are to make that purchase.

To add a Shop Now button to your Facebook Page:

  1. Go to your Facebook Business page
  2. Just below your Page’s cover photo you will see a blue ‘+ Add a Button‘ button. Click it.
  3. A pop-up will appear, saying ‘Step 1: Which button do you want people to see?’ with several options below. Select the Shop with you / Shop Now option. Now click ‘Next’.
  4. A new page will appear, saying ‘Step 2: Where would you like this button to send people?’. Click the ‘Website Link’ option.
  5. You then need to enter the URL for your Folksy shop. This will look something like this: https://folksy.com/shops/yourshopname
  6. Click save and then click Finish.
How to get more customers to your Folksy shop

2. Add your Folksy shop to your Instagram bio

Instagram currently only allows one clickable link in your bio, so if you want to get more sales make sure it goes to your Folksy shop! If you want to add more than one link in your profile, an easy way to do that is to use a free service that hosts multiple links. Here are a few suggestions (which have both free and paid plans):

They all work in a similar way: by providing a landing page where you can add buttons/links to the pages you want to show people. The advantage of using a multiple link service like this is that you can also include links to your latest products or Christmas range, any interviews or press features, blog posts you want to highlight, as well as your Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram pages. If your aim is to get customers to your shop though, make sure your Folksy shop is the top button and that it has a clear call to action like ‘My Folksy Shop’.

Another way to achieve the same result without relying on another service provider is to set up a landing page on your own website or blog, where you can gather all your links together, and then add a link to that page in your Instagram bio.

Make sure your other social media profiles (Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook) also have clickable links to your Folksy shop in their bio, or use your Linktr.ee link here too.

There’s more advice on how to write a good Instagram bio with a clear call to action here – https://sproutsocial.com/insights/instagram-bio/

How to get more customers to your Folksy shop

3. Find your ready-made target audience on Instagram

This method of finding new customers for your products is tried and tested – and it’s really effective… as long as you are genuine and authentic in your interactions. It tends to work best on Instagram but you can also do it on other social media channels.

The idea behind it is to find people who will love what you do (ie your target customers) by:

  1. First identifying other accounts on Instagram that have a similar aesthetic to you, practice the same craft or share particular values that are core to you and your brand.
  2. Then look at who their followers are (you can see that in the Followers tab at the top of their page) and scroll down through their posts and see who is commenting on them. If these people are engaged, following and commenting on accounts that are similar to yours, then they’re likely to be interested in what you do too. They are very probably your target audience.
  3. Start talking to these people. Follow them and comment on their posts, share your favourite pictures of theirs in your Instagram stories as #followfriday posts or in a round-up of some of your favourite new accounts – but always be genuine. The aim here is to connect with people and build real relationships with potential customers not spam them or give them the hard sell!
  4. You can do this using hashtags too. Just choose a hashtag that is relevant to what you do, look through the posts on that tag to find the ones that appeal to you, and then start following and talking to the person who posted it – whether that’s just to tell them that you like their photo, respond to their caption or begin a more in-depth conversation… as long as it’s real.

As you’ll already have followed Step 2 (!) your Folksy shop will now be right there as a clickable link in your Instagram bio, making it easy for all these new people you’re connecting with to visit your shop and buy what you’re making.

How to get more customers to your Folksy shop

4. Give your product titles a health check

So far we’ve covered some quick ways ways of getting more customers from social media but don’t forget that a third of customers come to Folksy through Google and other search engines, and there are also thousands of customers using the internal search engines on Folksy every day.

Search engines consider the title to be the most important element of a listing so, if you’re short on time, focus on getting your titles right. This article explains how to write a product listing that gets seen in search results – https://blog.folksy.com/2017/02/23/how-search-works. Read that first, then go through your listings and:

  • Ensure the title describes exactly what your product is (imagine describing it to someone who can’t see it).
  • Use words and phrases in your titles that your customers use and understand (avoid things like product codes, technical terms or abbreviations)
  • Don’t let preconceptions don’t get in the way of an effective title – eg you might prefer to describe your pot as a “vessel” but if more lots more people are searching for “vase”, using only “vessel” risks limiting your audience.
  • Think about ‘user intent’. For example, if you call your product “hand-turned pen” who is more likely be searching for that: a potential customer or another woodturner looking for inspiration? Would “handmade pen” or “fountain pen” get your product in front of more customers?
  • Use a free tool like Keywords Everywhere or Ubersuggest to find out which words you should be using.

Read this article to learn more about writing product listings – https://blog.folksy.com/2018/07/03/seo-basics-designers-makers

Watch our Product Listing Reviews to see the difference between a good and a bad listing – http://blog.folksy.com/category/seller-tips/product-listing-tips

How to get more customers to your Folksy shop

5. Update your tags

Updating your tags in another quick way to improve your visibility, especially as we run a new Theme of the Day every day on the Folksy homepage, which is driven by tags. Tags also influence search results, so:

  • Make sure you are using all 15 tags on each listing
  • Check your tags are combination of words and phrases, separated by commas. They should look like this…
Tags on Folksy
  • Check the monthly Theme of the Day list (you can find this in the Folksy Clubhouse Facebook Group, on the forums or in our seller email) and add any relevant tags to your products
  • Add seasonal tags like “Stocking Filler”, “Secret Santa”, “Valentine’s gift”
  • Add tags targeted at people looking for gifts, like “housewarming gift”, “1st anniversary present”
How to get more customers to your Folksy shop

And if you haven’t already read this article – do that too!

Featured products and images: Five Girls in a Row embroidered picture by Velveteen; Floral purple needle minder by Pedro’s Plaques; Joys of Glass; Daisylions; Autumnal Finds at @FolksyHQ on Instagram; Be Happy Nursery Print by Made for Maise; Robin Stamp by Little Stamp Store

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