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Product listing Review No. 3 – Oval Ceramic Pot by The Potting Studio

by Camilla

Folksy Listing Review – ‘Oval Ceramic Pot’ by The Potting Studio

Being able to write a good listing is an essential skill when you sell online. In this video series we enlist the help of copywriter Martha Moger aka The Stitch Writer and ask her to analyse one real-life product on Folksy.com, to consider how that listing could be improved, so it’s more likely to be seen in search results and sold.

The idea behind this series is to show you how, using concrete examples, you can write more effective titles, descriptions and tags, and create better listings in your own online shop. In this episode we look at an ‘Oval Ceramic Pot’ by The Potting Studio – find the revised listing with a new title, description and inspiration section on Folksy here.

Press the play button below to watch Folksy Listing No. 3 or watch it on YouTube here

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Episode 3. Oval Ceramic Pot

In this third Folksy Listing Review, the product we focus on is a beautiful Oval Ceramic Pot made by Lorna from The Potting Studio. Find the updated listing in Lorna’s shop here.

You can watch the listing in its entirety on this page, or if you want to skip to a specific section or rewatch a particular part, go to the description on the original YouTube video and click the time stamps listed in the description there. These are the topics we cover in this video and the times you can find them if you want to skip forwards or backwards:

Where to find the topics covered:
How to tell the story of your product – 3:16
Shop page mistakes – 4:49
Shop tagline – 6:15
Image basics – 9:24
‘Inspiration’ section – 12:14
The rewritten ‘Inspiration’ section – 15:44
‘Description’ before and after – 18:11
Shipping times – 20:55
‘Title’ before and after – 21:47
Images sizes and formats – 24:07
Tags – 26:51
Theme of the Day tags – 30:17
Choosing the right category – 31:43
How and where to promote your listing – 33:28
Getting press for your product – 35:57
Setting expectations – 37:15
Summary and any questions – 38:47

See Lorna’s shop The Potting Studio on Folksy

Get advice for your own shop from Martha

If you’re interested in taking part in Martha’s ‘Unstuck Sessions’, you can find more information here.

Watch the first two episodes in our Product Listing Review series here – https://blog.folksy.com/category/seller-tips/product-listing-reviews

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