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Folksy brand and logo story

Branding – the story of the Folksy logo

by Camilla

How the Folksy logo came to be, how it’s changed over time and what YOU’VE done with it!

As Day 4’s prompt for Joanne Hawker’s March Meet the Maker 2020 challenge is ‘Branding’, we thought it would be fun to look back at how we got our bright and brilliant logo of many colours, and how Folksy’s brand identity has changed over the last decade.

The beginnings of a brand

The rainbow logo you might know and love now isn’t quite the logo we started with. When Folksy launched back in 2008, our initial logo was a typeface outlined in black, created by a design studio in Manchester called LOVE. Here it is:

This is how our website looked back in the day. This is a snapshot of Folksy from 2010 – feels like a lifetime ago! Can you spot our tagline “Solder, cast, carve, mould, sculpt, buy, sell, go!”.

Here’s what some of our earliest business cards looked like – we think these were printed either before or right around the time that Folksy launched.

Folksy rebrand in 2011

The logo stayed as simple monochrome outlines until 2011, when, as part of a big redesign (which you can read about here), we asked Sheffield-based designer Lydia Lapinksi to develop a bold new brand identity for us and refresh the Folksy logo in her signature style. At the time, our CEO James said he wanted the logo to be “a nod toward the fun and variety that can be found on Folksy” and also an antidote to Folksy’s new clean, professional layout.

Folksy logo

When we talked to Lydia back in 2014 about what inspired the new logo, she said: “I loved what was already made and just wanted to bring it to life with colour and a few minor tweaks. Folksy is a spectrum of people, styles, skills and objects from all over the UK, so the overlapping spectrum of colour says it all.”

Folksy is a spectrum of people, styles, skills and objects from all over the UK, so the overlapping spectrum of colour says it all.

Lydia Lapinksi, designer of our colourful Folksy logo

As part of the redesign, also Lydia created a series of banners that we could use on the site and across social media. Here’s what they looked like…

For a while we used the banners underneath the main menu on Folksy as part of the navigation, to represent the different categories available on the site, like scarves, hats and cards.

We even had an online magazine on Tumblr (remember that?) called Frankly, which formed part of the new brand identity. The idea was to create a magazine that celebrated making in all its forms, featuring interviews with the best makers and designers from Folksy, as well as new and emerging talent, and sharing stories that inspire creativity. The thinking was that it made sense to separate buyer and seller content, keeping this blog specifically for news for sellers. It didn’t. We’ve since moved the content back over here, so it’s all in one place.

At the same time as our 2011 redesign, we changed also changed our tagline to “Modern British Craft”. It took a remarkably long time to settle on that, considering it feels so simple and obvious. A few years ago we tweaked it again, and our tagline became “The Home of British Craft”, as it felt more friendly, welcoming and represented our community focus – a nice place for craft lovers and makers to hang out.

Folksy branding and logo

Folksy project branding – The Folksy Summer School 2013

In August 2013, we brought in Lydia Lapinksi again, to brand our Folksy Summer School. Here are some of her proposed designs…

And this is the one we went for, which as Lydia described, “feels like a homespun adventure day in the woodlands… the kind of thing that would make you want to wear your best dress with your oldest boots, put some flowers in your hair and craft the day away”.

Folksy folks take on the logo

People have done lots of fun things with our logo over the years, like these tote bag designs…

Folksy Tote Bags

And this super cute animation by Steven from The Happy Chappo...

Yolksy not Folksy

We even did some bumper stickers a few years back. Designed by our community, one was a lino print and one was an embroidered version of our logo with a union jack by Fiona T.

Folksy bumper stickers

There have been papercut versions and adaptations featuring the tools of the trade too…

papercut logo, folksy logo, gemma esprey

And last year Folksy seller Yas Bowley animated our logo in a series of shorts created to tie in with the brilliant Folksy Friday stop-motion films that artist and filmmaker Leanne Warren from LeapUp and Rose Filtered made us to showcase all the different kinds of work and styles available on Folksy. We’ve put all the logo animations together into one short video that you can watch here…

So that’s the story so far. We’re looking forward to seeing what adventures our logo goes on next! And if you want to use it to promote your own Folksy shop, you can download it (along with different versions, badges, printables and graphics) here – https://blog.folksy.com/2016/07/08/folksy-blog-badges-banners-printables

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