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The UK Beer map by Alex Foster

You can now ‘Shop by Region’ on Folksy

How to include your Folksy shop in our Shop Local view

We have a new feature on Folksy to help people find artists, designers and makers in their area and shop locally. In this article we’re going to explain how it works and what you need to do to get YOUR shop included.

Featured image: The UK Beer Map, designed by Alex Foster in Margate

The new feature is called ‘Shop By Region’ and you can find it on the Folksy homepage or go straight to it here – https://folksy.com/local-shops. When you click on that page you’ll see a list of regions, arranged alphabetically. Click on one of these and you’ll then be shown all the Folksy shops within that area that have chosen to make their location public, along with an option to see more towns or cities within that region.

The shops are listed in the order of who has listed most recently. Shops that are in holiday mode or empty won’t appear.

How to get your shop included

If you would like your shop to appear in the ‘Shop by Region’ view, follow these simple steps:

  • log into Folksy
  • go to your Seller Dashboard
  • under ‘Shop Settings’ click on ‘Shop Location
  • check your address is right
  • choose whether to show your ‘town and county’ or just your ‘town’ or ‘county’ on the ‘Show shop location’ dropdown.
  • press the green ‘Update’ button

The system can take a few hours to update but your shop should then appear in the local view under the region you’ve specified.

What to do if your location is showing incorrectly

We’re still fine-tuning how the feature works and we know that there are a few cases where the postcode puts sellers in one location whereas they should be in another. This is usually because the database we are using has some out of date information, which we’re investigating and trying to fix as and when they come up.

If you feel your shop has been put in the wrong place, email us at support@folksy.co.uk. We’ll log the error and try to correct it as soon as we can.

Shop Local in Sheffield

Spread the word!

We hope you like this feature and that you can use it to shop locally, as well as find other artists, makers and designers near to you to collaborate with and add to your Folksy friends!

If you’d like to get the word out there about the new ‘Shop Local’ feature, tell people that you’re featured in a particular regional guide or maybe put a Folksy Friday collection together (find out more about Folksy Friday and how to take part here) featuring other makers in your area, we’ve created some graphics you can use.

Shop Local on Folksy

You can use the image above to create a Folksy Friday collage featuring other Folksy makers in your area, like this one that we created for sellers based in Sheffield. We made this collage on befunky.com, using the Folksy Shop Local graphic as the central image, and then adding a text box with the word ‘Sheffield’ underneath (the font we used here is ‘Playlist’ but there are lots you can choose from on befunky). You should just be able to click the image above to download it, or drag it to your desktop.

makers in Sheffield on Folksy

We’ve also created another ‘Shop Local, Shop Handmade’ graphic (below) that you can also use on your social channels, if you prefer. If you do share any of these on social, remember to tag us in your posts as well as any other Folksy sellers you feature, so they can see and share them too!

Shop Local Shop Handmade on Folksy

We hope you like this feature and enjoy using it to shop from and connect with more makers locally.

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