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Asma Jahangir

Have you Heard Of… Asma Jahangir

Have You Heard Of…? A new illustration project by Trudi Murray Art & Illustration

The world is a very big place, full of so many people and stories – and there are so many that we never hear very much about. It’s my mission to bring more of these interesting and inspiring stories to our attention. That’s why I created my new illustration project, Have You Heard Of..

Next in our series is a powerful advocate for the poor: Asma Jahangir.

Have you heard of illustrated women of history series by Trudi Murray

Have you heard of Asma Jahangir – a lawyer from Pakistan

Asma Jahangir’s work on behalf of minority groups in Pakistan was unrelenting, at risk to her own safety, and unflagging.

Asma trained as a lawyer and set up Pakistan’s all-female law firm with her sister and two other female lawyers. The focus of her work was to stand up for the oppressed. Fighting for justice can disturb the waters, and Asma repeatedly came under strong criticism for her deeply held views and challenging stance on behalf of those for whom she worked and campaigned.

Tackling any abuse of human rights is not a matter to be taken lightly. From my research into Asma, it seemed to me that she was strong, powerful, unstoppable – and a leader. Such a force in the world! I look up to and admire her principled determination to bring change in her community.

Asma Jahangir won many prestigious awards, and among many other achievements, set up the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan in 1986. 

Asma died, age 66, in Lahore, Pakistan.

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