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World Handmade Day

World Handmade Day – 1st October 2020


Did you know that this Thursday 1st October is the first ever World Handmade Day? #WorldHandmadeDay is a celebration of all things handmade all over the world, and it’s being organised by Owen and the team at Handmade Hour.

World Handmade Day

What is World Handmade Day?

We asked Owen to tell us a bit more about it and how YOU can join in:

“Creative businesses work so hard every day… they’re awesome, talented and amazingly dedicated. We came up with the idea of creating World Handmade Day to give us all an opportunity to champion creative businesses across the world and draw attention to the hard work and incredible talents of the maker community.

“During the day we will be showcasing lots of talented handmade businesses and we’d love everyone within the creative community to show their support too. Anyone can support #WorldHandmadeDay by using the hashtag, sharing the images we’ve created and interacting with as many handmade businesses on social media as possible by liking, following and commenting on their posts.”

World Handmade Day

They’ve created lots of graphics for you to use and share – here’s the link to the One Drive folder where you can download them for free >

So follow the #WorldHandmadeDay hashtag on Instagram, get sharing their graphics or make your own, and show your support for all those amazing makers and shakers out there, filling the world with handmade goodness!

To find out more about World Handmade Day, see all the updates and join in the fun, follow @handmade_hour on Instagram or keep up with their tweets at @HandmadeHour on Twitter.

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Robin Fawcett September 30, 2020 - 3:43 pm

#WorldHandmadeDay – excellent I’ll be promoting and supporting as many other #HandMade folks as I can on Twitter & Instagram – follow me on Twitter – I’m Robin Fawcett @Greenwoodworker and Instagram as @robin_m.fawcett and I’ll follow back and reciprocate posts – something positive for everyone…

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