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Folksy Instagram Quiz

Folksy Instagram Quizzes: A How-To

Introducing our Folksy Instagram Quizzes

Instagram quizzes are all about having fun and getting to know one another. With our new Folksy Insta Quizzes, you get to tell us a little more about yourselves. Have a favourite snack? A favourite colour that you love to work with? We want to know! Take the quiz, have fun, connect, and tell people something they might not already know about you!

In this post, we’re going to show you how the Folksy Quizzes work and how you can take part, so read on!

Folksy Insta Quiz – how to take part

We’ve designed two quizzes for you. You can do both in your Instagram Stories. There’s a Folksy Gif Quiz, where you answer the questions by adding Gifs, and there’s a This or That Quiz. The first thing you need to do is download both pics and save them to your phone. You should be able to do that by clicking the pics below and saving them to your device.

You can also do it by going to our Stories on Instagram at @FolksyHQ finding the Quiz you want and then pressing the screen for a few seconds. You will then need to screenshot the image. Taking a screenshot depends on what type of phone you have but will most likely include holding the home button, the volume button or the lock button down at the same time.

Folksy Instagram Quiz
Folksy Instagram Quiz

Now that you’ve got the quizzes saved on your phone or device, watch these videos and read the instructions below…

Folksy Gif Quiz

1. Start on your Instagram home page
You can get to your home page by clicking the house logo. Your home page is where you see other people’s stories and posts that you follow.

2. Swipe right to post a Story
You can also start a story by clicking the camera icon at top left of your screen or if you’re on your own page, clicking the + button at the top left.

3. Tap the Pictures box at the bottom left corner of your screen. This will bring up pictures from your phone’s Photo Album.

4. Choose our Folksy IG Quiz template (which you should have downloaded to your phone).
This should now being showing up on your Story screen as a full-size image. 

5. Tap the Sticker tool (which looks like a square smiley face with a fold)
Once you’ve got the quiz up on the screen, you can start answering the questions! As it’s a Gif quiz, the idea is that you post a gif instead of typing out your answer. But first you need to find the right gifs! So go find the Sticker tool on the top bar on your screen.

6. Tap the GIF option
You’ll now see a load of different animations (gifs) that you can add to your Story. Start answering by typing in your response to the questions in the quiz. Answer one at a time. As your type, different gifs will appear. Pick the one you like best or that’s most appropriate and place it over the yellow circle by pinching the gif with your pointer and thumb.

7. Tag three makers!
Once you’ve answered all six questions by adding six gifs, you’re ready to tag three friends so they can answer the quiz too! Do that by going back to the top of your screen and clicking the text button (Aa) in the top right corner. Tag them by typing @ followed by their Instagram user name. Repeat until you have tagged three fellow creatives.

8. Now publish your quiz to your Story!
Do this by selecting the Your Story button at the bottom left of your screen

This or That Quiz

To take part in the This or That Quiz, follow steps 1-4 above, but choosing the This and That Quiz template from your saved images. Then…

5. Tap the Doodle tool 
You can find that in the top navigation bar of your screen. This is what you’ll use to circle your answers.

6. Choose the colour of your pen 
You can choose which colour you want to use by clicking on the palette at the bottom of your screen. Swipe across to see more colour options or use the Picker to match a colour in the image.

7. Choose the size of your pen
You can do this by using the size tool to the left of your story. Drag the toggle up and down to make it bigger or smaller.

8. Now you’re all ready to circle your answers
Use your doodle pen tool to draw a rough circle or oval around the options you would choose – eg, do you prefer silver or gold, colour or monochrome etc?

9. Tag three makers
Once you’ve chosen your this or thats, you’re ready to tag three fellow creatives so they can do it too! So go back to the top of your screen and click the text button (Aa) in the top right corner. With that selected type @ followed by their Instagram user names.

10. Now publish your quiz to your Story!
Do this by selecting the Your Story button at the bottom left of your screen.

We hope you have fun doing the Folksy Insta Quizzes. Look out for more coming soon!

Folksy Quizzes were made by Sophia Moreno and Camilla Westergaard

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