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Folksy Woodland

Folksy’s Wonderful Woodland Christmas 2020

by Sophia Moreno

Take a stroll through the Folksy Forest

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to walk through a Folksy Forest? In this blog post, we’d like to take you there! There is so much to experience in the woods and, with the festive season in the air, we find ourselves being called to it. So come and take a stroll through Folksy’s Wonderful Woodland and let’s find out what it has in store for us this Christmas…

Featured image: Forest and Mountains Notecards and Envelopes by Paper Willow

Woodland Badger Screen Print by John Bloor
Woodland Badger hand-pulled screen print by John Bloor

Come for a stroll through the Folksy Wonderland

What would you wear to explore this Christmas woodland? No matter the time of day, it’s December now, which means it’s always cold. Perhaps you would wear a hat in a colour that matches Santa’s suit or some gloves to keep your hands warm as you pick up conkers and throw snowballs?  

We know where you can find those…

Take a look around…

What can you see through the trees? Is the forest dense with pine needles or are their branches bare? If you’re walking at night, the moonlight could provide some light to guide your way. Is your forest filled with vines and mushrooms climbing up the trunks of the trees?

Shhh, listen…

What can hear? Do the twigs snap and leaves crunch beneath your feet? Is there a soft hoot of an owl coming from above the trees? 

Stop for a second…

Are you feeling hungry? Or need a little drop of something to warm you up? The forest is known for growing wild fruits, but we’ve come prepared. Did you bring a flask of hot tea with you to keep you warm? Or perhaps a Christmas treat to keep you going?

Breathe deeply…

What do you smell in the woods? Take a deep breath and take it all in. Is it the lovely scent of fresh pine from the trees? Or is there the hint of cinnamon and clove that reminds you of the season? Maybe it brings back memories of Christmasses at home.

Who else is in the woods?

When you reach your destination, who will you meet? We’d like to imagine that all our favourite Christmas characters would be there. A snowman who is freshly made or a reindeer prancing around. Maybe Santa Claus is taking a well-deserved break with some milk and cookies by a fire.

The possibilities are endless when you’re taking a wander through the Folksy Winter Wonderland. So why not have a stroll through Folksy.com and see what you can find hiding in the forest.

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