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Folksy Sellers App

The Sell on Folksy App is here!

by Folksy Support

Say hello to our new app for Folksy sellers!

One of the goals we have at Folksy is to make listing and selling your work simpler, clearer and faster, so you spend less time managing stock and sales and more time making, marketing and being creative. With this in mind, over the last 6 months (although it’s been in the planning for much longer!), we’ve been developing an app for Folksy sellers that allows you to create new listings and edit listings on your mobile or tablet – and it’s now ready for you to use!

Download the Sell on Folksy app from the App Store >

Download the Sell on Folksy app from the Google Play store >

Sell on Folksy works for phones running both iOS (Apple) and Android (Samsung, Google, and pretty much all phones that aren’t Apple). 

If you experience any problems using the app, please email us at support@folksy.co.uk and please also log the issue using this feedback form.

Version 1.1 is now available

Version 1.1 of the Folksy seller app has now been released – April 29, 2021

This update includes:

  • the ability to copy from existing listings to create a new listing
  • the ability to sign in with your username
  • landscape support
  • a new grid layout for tablet (see screenshot below)
  • a new menu button when editing a listing, allowing you to take more actions
  • improved reliability of uploading images – especially large images
  • various smaller bug fixes and stability improvements

The first release, our ‘minimum viable product’

Release 1.0 – March 11, 2021

We started with the things that you told us were core to meeting your needs: creating new listings and editing existing listings. The initial release includes the ability to:

  • View and edit a listing
  • Create a new listing
  • Search listings
  • Bulk edit listings – relist / hide from sale / delete
  • Upload multiple images
  • Add tags from suggestions you have used before

We’ll be building on this functionality and releasing regular updates, as we fix bugs, get feedback on how the app is being used and find out what would help you. We’ve already released two updates based on early feedback, mainly to fix bugs and improve reporting.

This video shows some of the things you can do with the app…

Features on our backlog to develop

We are planning to add these new features in future releases. We will update this list as and when they get done, so you can see what’s new.

  • sign in with username and password – DONE 29.04.21
  • copy listings – DONE 29.04.21
  • see your password when signing in
  • sales notifications
  • hide listings from sale
  • re-order images
  • view orders
  • mark orders as shipped

If you have a feature suggestion, you can use the feedback form to let us know

A huge thank you to the volunteers that helped to test earlier beta versions of the app and thanks also to Aaron Schubert @aaronschubert0 who’s developed the app with us.

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