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Whylder Mills – Meet the Maker

by Camilla

Meet the Maker – Dania from Whylder Mills

Dania from Whylder Mills makes contemporary resin jewellery in an array of mesmerising colours. Formally trained in metalwork, jewellery and applied arts, Dania specialises in resin jewellery, hand-mixing the elements to infuse each piece with swirls of colour and achieve her signature marbled look. In our Meet the Maker interview, Dania talks to fellow Folksy seller Annie Stothert about her influences, the special meaning that jewellery holds for her, and what it’s been like running a creative business and having a baby in lockdown.

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Colourful Triangle Marbled Resin Earrings by Whylder Mills

Hi Dania! Could you introduce yourself and tell us what you do? 

I’m Dania (Dan-yah). I’m a Mancunian living in Sheffield and I make colourful jewellery and accessories from resin in my home studio (which is actually our spare bedroom).

What attracted you to jewellery making? Did you have formal training in jewellery design?

I love pretty colourful things but, more than that, I love the sentiment of jewellery; of marking special moments in your life with something that makes you smile and wearing it to keep those memories close. I have very specific and eclectic tastes and love to be able to wear exactly what is in my head. I gained a foundation degree in jewellery and applied arts, and then went on to study metalwork and jewellery.

Could you explain a little about the processes that go into your jewellery? What exactly is resin? 

Resin is a synthetic polymer that starts off liquid and then sets into a solid form. I make moulds and hand mix the resin, adding a magical array of colours and swirls to achieve my signature rainbow of marbled pieces.

Whylder Mills colourful resin jewellery

What’s your favourite part of the process? 

Demoulding is definitely the best part. Working with resin is a collaborative effort. Thanks to the fluid dynamics you can never be quite sure how your piece will turn out but I’ve gotten pretty good at getting my desired result!

Colourful Resin Stud Earrings by Whylder Mills

I love the mix of vivid colour and geometric shapes in your work. Where do you get your inspiration?

I’m inspired by other artists, but really anything with an eye-catching colourway – fashion and interior design in particular. I try to keep the form simple, as the colours are the star of the show!

What is your studio space like? 

It’s a mess! We moved house when I was pregnant and it never really got sorted out, so everything is everywhere. I have three desks and they’re all full. I have lots of fellow makers’ work up on the walls and shelves to make me happy though.

Do you have any design heroes who particularly influence your style? 

I’m honestly inspired by so many different people from so many different disciplines. I would have to say my earliest resin heroes are Jane Dsiewski and Albert Roos.

How has lockdown affected the way you work? 

Great question! Lockdown for me meant bringing home my first baby, so lockdown hasn’t been the biggest change in my work life at all. I work almost exclusively at night now, while the little one sleeps.

Geometric Resin Necklace by Whylder Mills

What other creative pursuits or hobbies do you enjoy? 

At the moment, there isn’t much time for extra curriculars but I would love to find the time to do some embroidery and sew some toys for my little one.

What are you most looking forward to doing with Whylder Mills in the coming year? 

I’m looking forward to having more time to experiment and work on some new products… and maybe collaborate with other makers too!

Whylder Mills colourful resin jewellery

To celebrate being our featured maker, Dania is offering 20% off all Whylder Mills jewellery before 11th April 2021. Just add discount code YAY when you check out.

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Meet the Interviewer
Annie Stothert paper mache artist

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