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Folksy New Week New Maker

New Week New Maker: featuring new shops on Folksy

What is ‘New Week New Maker’?

The New Week New Maker feature highlights new sellers who have recently joined Folksy and are looking to become a part of the community and grow their creative businesses.

Our platform is about you, the maker, and getting to know the person behind the shop. What’s your name, what do you make, what are you inspired by? We want to know! Every Monday, we’re going to feature new sellers on our social media platforms using the hashtag #newweeknewmaker. We’ll also be making a section on the Folksy blog dedicated to NWNM where we’ll show the shop we’re featuring, who they are and what they sell.

We want NWNM to give people a chance to get to know the person behind the small business and help you sell your work!

How It Works

Each Monday we will select a new shop to feature on our social media platforms: Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. We’ll also make a shiny new blog post just for you, with a little bit of info about your shop and a selection of our favourite pieces. The blog will include a link to your Folksy shop and your social media profiles.

How to be featured in New Week New Maker

When choosing who to feature in our New Week New Maker feature, we look for:

  • Folksy shops that have opened within the last 3 months
  • great product images * – read our tips for taking great product photographs
  • shops with at least four items
  • a cohesive product range and/or the beginnings of a strong brand
  • artists or makers who are trying something unique, unusual or different (although this is not essential)
  • sellers who want to get involved in the Folksy community
  • sellers who have a clickable link to Folksy in their social media profile

To catch our eye, try to write listings that get seen in our search results, add tags to your product listings, comment and share our posts on social media, use our hashtags on Instagram, take part in Folksy Friday and join in with our campaigns and events.

At Folksy we always aim to be as inclusive as possible and showcase a wide range of styles, crafts, materials, experiences and backgrounds. We do not have a particular look, style or craft we are after. If you make something fabulous, we want to show the world!

* TIP: make sure your images are in focus, sharp and fit the size format – and make your main image the best one. This article has useful info about image sizing on Folksy –https://folksy.uservoice.com/knowledgebase/articles/57289-photos-sizing-and-uploading

How to get involved with Folksy as a new maker

As well as a fabulous place to sell your work, Folksy is also a community of like-minded artists and makers. Say hi to your new friends – your fellow Folksy sellers – here:

Facebook GroupFolksy Clubhouse

Folksy ForumTalk Folksy

Join your Folksy Local Grouphttps://blog.folksy.com/folksy-local

Want to find Folksy sellers on social media? Look through the hashtags #folksyseller, #folksyshop and #folksyfriday to see their work and follow their pages! Follow Folksy on Instagram here.

How else can I be featured on Folksy?

At Folksy we offer lots of different promotion opportunities for our sellers. This post explains what they are, how they work and how you can get yourself featured in them – https://blog.folksy.com/2021/07/06/how-to-be-featured-on-folks

Some of the new makers we’ve featured on social media…

Tuesday Ceramics
Tinker Jewellery
Hawthorn and Hare Design

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