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How to be featured on Folksy

How to be featured on Folksy

by Folksy

Want to be featured on Folksy? Here’s how we can help you get seen

You’ve made your products, followed our tips for taking brilliant feature-worthy photographs, researched the best keywords and phrases to use in your titles, tags and descriptions so they get seen in search results, listed them on Folksy and shared them on social. Now what else can you do to get your shop in front of people?

At Folksy we offer lots of different promotion opportunities for our sellers. In this post we’re going to talk you through them all, explain how they work and how you can get yourself featured in them.

Features you can apply for or take part in:

  • Folksy Theme of the Day
  • Folksy Friday
  • Folksy High Fives
  • Folksy Local

Folksy Theme of the Day

A different ‘Theme of the Day’ appears every day on the Folksy homepage. We ask our sellers for their suggestions for the themes in our Folksy Clubhouse Facebook Group and in our forum – so you can even help influence the themes we choose.

To be included in the feature, check the list of upcoming themes in your seller dashboard https://folksy.com/dashboard/themes-of-the-day and then add the tag exactly as listed to any items in your Folksy shop that fit the theme.*

All items with the correct tag will be included in the Theme of the Day. The homepage shows a random selection and this selection changes each time the page is refreshed or viewed. If you click the ‘see more’ button, you’ll see all the items in that day’s theme.

* Please do make sure you only tag relevant items. If a seller is found to be misusing the tags, they may be banned from this month’s theme and future themes.

Folksy Friday

Folksy Friday happens every Friday on social media. You can take part by creating and sharing a #folksyfriday post on your Instagram account, Facebook page or Twitter. It’s is a way to spread the word about all the amazing handmade items on Folksy, while making friends and growing your creative community. We also post our own Folksy Friday on our account featuring eight different Folksy sellers. Learn all about Folksy Friday, what it is and how to take part here – https://blog.folksy.com/folksy-friday

Folksy High Fives

We regularly share our sellers’ achievements on Instagram and Facebook. If you want to be included:

You can also share your happy dance stories on your own social media channels using the #folksyhighfives hashtag.

Folksy Local

We have a Shop Local feature on Folksy, which customers can use to find artists and makers in their region. We will be promoting this more in the future and featuring makers and crafts from different regions. To appear in this section:

  • log into Folksy and go to your Seller Dashboard
  • under ‘Shop Settings’ click on ‘Shop Location
  • check your address is right
  • choose whether to show your ‘town and county’ or just your ‘town’ or ‘county’ on the ‘show shop location’ dropdown.
  • press the green ‘Update’ button

Learn more about our Shop Local feature here https://blog.folksy.com/2020/05/06/shop-by-region

Features to help you get seen on Folksy

Other features to help you get seen on Folksy

Here are some of the other ways we currently feature Folksy makers and their work: 

How to get featured on Folksy FAQ

How do I become a Featured Seller?

We have one featured seller each month on Folksy. Featured makers are highlighted on our homepage and interviewed on our blog. We also talk about them on our social media channels and in our newsletter to buyers. Featured Sellers are chosen at the discretion of the Folksy staff. We try to represent a diverse range of styles, crafts, materials, experiences and backgrounds and do not have a particular “look” we are after. When choosing featured sellers, we look for:

  • talented makers and designers who we feel represent Folksy well in the ‘shop window’ of our homepage.
  • great product images – read our tips for taking great product photographs
  • artists and makers with an interesting story to tell
  • people who are experts in their craft
  • a strong brand identity, voice or niche
  • a cohesive product range
  • shops with completed ‘About Me’ section, a profile picture and banner
  • a well-stocked shop (a minimum of six items)
  • sellers who have a clickable link to Folksy in their social media profile
  • sellers who interact with Folksy and are active in the Folksy community

To catch our eye, try to write listings that get seen in our search results, add tags to your product listings, comment and share our posts on social media, use our hashtags on Instagram, take part in Folksy Friday and join in with our campaigns and events.

How do I get my items featured in the Folksy Favourites, gift guides or in a buyer email?

The main criteria we use when choosing which items to feature on Folksy is great product photography. We are always looking for beautiful, interesting and unusual products to share, but unless your images are good it’s really difficult for us to feature them.

So always make sure your images are in focus, sharp and well framed – and make your main image the best one. This article has useful tips and information about image formats and sizing on Folksy – https://folksy.uservoice.com/knowledgebase/articles/57289-photos-sizing-and-uploading

Find loads of product photography tips in our dedicated section – http://blog.folksy.com/category/seller-tips/handmade-photography-tips

How can I be featured in a Folksy campaign?

We love to create campaigns (usually around Christmas) featuring our sellers. Look for call-outs in our Seller Tips and News Newsletter (subscribe here), our Facebook group and on Instagram.

Here is a recent example from 2020…

And here is another film, featuring gifts from across Folksy, brilliantly animated and filmed by one of our sellers, Leanne Warren from LeapUp

More ways to get featured

We are always looking for interesting content for our blog and social media, so if you’d like to…

  • film or write a craft tutorial
  • write about the history of your craft
  • put together a selection of Folksy Finds on a specific themes
  • explore a craft that’s local to your region
  • create an Instagram Reel
  • create a TikTok video for us
  • interview one of your craft heroes
  • or if you have an idea for a blog or video series on a particular topic related to craft, wellbeing or running a creative business

… please get in touch by emailing us at community@folksy.co.uk.

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