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Folksy Finds – Wooden Jewellery

by Guest Blogger

Discover the beauty of wooden jewellery

Jewellery comes in many shapes and styles, and although metal is still the material of choice for most jewellers, many are also choosing to work with alternative materials. Wood has long been popular with makers but it’s not just woodturners who are partial to a bit of walnut – jewellery designers are drawn to its warmth, grain, durability and sustainable credentials too. We asked Folksy seller Emma Garland from Little Red Apple to share some of her favourite pieces of wooden jewellery on Folksy.

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Featured image: Statement earrings in walnut wood with silver and gold

I love the versatility of wood. It has a beautiful, natural look and a warm, organic feel that contrasts well with other materials and colours. It’s also lightweight, affordable, sustainable and non-irritating if you have sensitive skin. What’s not to love?

There are many different ways to work with wood in jewellery, from high-tech modern methods to ancient craft skills. Laser cutting can produce simple, minimal shapes or more complex engraved designs.

Small wooden geometric stud earrings by The Cluttery

Geometric shapes work well with neutrals, prints and bold colours, like these semi-circle earrings handmade in maple wood by Zoe from The Cluttery. Zoe purposefully leaves some of the wood unpainted because she loves the combination of bold colour with the natural wood grain.

Wooden Etched Folk Art Blue Tit Brooch by Etchable on Folksy

Engraved designs, like this wooden blue tit brooch by Etchable, are a good option for intricate details that add interest. This pretty little blue tit has been cut and etched from birch ply and hand painted in bright yellow and blues. His wing has an etched folk art style pattern to add some pattern to your coat or cardi.

Pyrography Acorn and oak leaf wooden necklace
Pyrography acorn and oak leaf necklace by Petra and the Wolf

Aside from engraving, jewellers also use other techniques to inscribe pattern into their pieces. Petra and the Wolf uses pyrography to decorate her pieces, as you can see in this acorn and oak leaf bib necklace. This is a technique where wood is decorated freehand using burn marks.

Hand cut marquetry swan brooch
Marquetry swan brooch with hand-cut veneers by Diane Frances Designs

In marquetry, thin sheets of wood veneers, or other materials such as shell or mother of pearl, are cut into shape and individually inlaid into a piece of wood to create a particular design or pattern. It’s a technique often used on furniture but can be used on jewellery… and why not?

Wooden rainbow brooches by Rudy And The Rowan Tree

Woods come in a variety of natural shades but it is also a great surface to be painted and decorated to create a huge range of different effects. In these sweet rainbow brooches, Cal Scott from Rudy and the Rowan Tree has transferred print of her original drawings of rainbows on to birch ply.

Colourful Key West wooden earrings by Unique Ella

To make these colourful wooden earrings, inspired by the colours and vibes of Florida, Teija Torvinen from Unique Ella has used an odourless and ecological printing ink to create this striking pattern. The plywood is then varnished to seal and protect it from UV rays.

Double Circle Leopard Print Painted Wooden Drop Earrings
Leopard print double circle drop earrings by Little Red Apple

I made these two-part dangly earrings made from laser cut walnut wood. I hand painted the front in aqua, then added a leopard print pattern in gold and navy before varnishing. The backs remain the natural rich dark colour of the walnut wood.

Woodturned necklace in Padauk wood with two silver heart charms by The White Picket Fence Workshop

Branching off (sorry, couldn’t resist), wood is the gift for a fifth wedding anniversary, so wooden jewellery would be a thoughtful option for a gift. I love this woodturned pendant necklace with silver hearts by The White Picket Fence Workshop. But why save it for an anniversary? I bet you hadn’t considered wood for an engagement ring or wedding band but these rings by Earth Vibe Botanicals are stunning..

Wooden engagement ring with diamond
Wood & Diamond Engagement Ring by Earth Vibe Botanicals

As wood is so lightweight and good for sensitive skin, it’s a great choice for a bold, statement necklace or pair of earrings. The natural feel of wood pairs well with summery styles and the warm tones go beautifully with Autumn colours and styles. 

‘Mila’ autumnal wooden bead necklace by Yoli Addy on Folksy

Wooden jewellery can also be a sustainable option, particularly if the timber used is reused or recycled. These statement buttons (below) from Laurimuks are handmade from reclaimed forest wood using traditional methods. They’d be a great addition to a handmade knit or even worn as a brooch.

Statement button in reclaimed wood
Large statement button in reclaimed wood by Laurimuks

And finally, how about a gorgeously tactile woodturned jewellery pot from Lakewood Workshop to keep your all your treasures safe?

Walnut jewellery pot by Lakewood Workshop

You can see lots more wooden jewellery on my Pinterest board here: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/emmalittleredapple/wooden-jewellery-on-folksy

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