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A guide to selling at online markets

by Folksy

What is an online market – and what do I need to do as a stallholder?

When the pandemic closed down craft fairs in 2020, an amazing thing happened: markets moved online. Innovation happens in times of trouble. Tresstle was set up as a platform designed specifically to host online events, and has since hosted online markets by Handmade Hour, Just a Card and now Folksy! Groups of makers can even get together to collaborate and host their own online events.

But what exactly is an online market – and what do you need to do as a stallholder at a virtual craft fair? In this post we’ll try to answer all your questions – and we’ve even created a handy PDF guide which you can download and keep here.

What is an online market?

  • An online market is just like a normal craft fair, except that it happens online.
  • Customers visit the online market and see an event page showing all the stallholders taking part.
  • When a customer clicks on a virtual stall, it takes them directly to that shop.
  • As well as the stalls, there can be interviews, craft demos & tutorials happening too.
  • Some stallholders recreate the craft fair experience by setting up a real stall in their home and sharing pics or time-lapse videos on their social channels. Organisers might share these too.

Why join an online craft fair?

  • Having a stall at an online market increases your visibility.
  • Organisers & stallholders pool their audiences to gather a larger crowd.
  • Good market organisers will work hard to promote the event.
  • You’ll reach new customers, increase your following on social media and hopefully make sales!
  • They’re fun :)

What do I need to do as a stallholder?

For any online market to work, you need to support other stallholders, talk about the market & share posts.

  • The most successful markets are the ones where stallholders are active and put in the time – lots of this can be done in advance.
  • The more you talk about the event, share other makers at your market and get your audience looking forward to it, the better!
  • Remember, if you get shared, share them in return. Community over competition, always :)

TIP: As online markets are only on for a short period, running a discount, launching a new product, selling an exclusive piece or offering something special like a bundle or gift wrap can work really well, as this creates excitement and urgency.

Do I need to be online all day?

No! You absolutely don’t need to be glued to your phone! Prepare things in advance, schedule content on social, then check in regularly on the day, reply to (and share) posts about the market, and watch or take part in any of the additional events that take your fancy.

What should I expect from the organiser?

  • good communication
  • event promotion leading up to the market & on the day
  • possibly tips & advice
  • in some cases paid advertising to drive traffic to the market

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