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Dolls House Furniture: a Look Inside the Home of British Craft

by Sophia Moreno

Discover Handmade Dolls House Miniatures on Folksy

Have you seen our Doll House Miniatures section? Folksy, the Home of British Craft, is as cosy as it sounds. Our home is full of handmade dolls house furniture, created by makers and artisans with an eye for detail and a love for all things miniature.

(Featured image: Doll in sewing room by Colourways and miniature burger and chips by Handmade by Nicola Ann)

Take a tour inside the Folksy Dolls House…

If we knew you were coming we’d have baked a cake. Oh wait, we did! Wyrd World Miniatures lovingly sculpted this Victoria sponge cake just for your arrival.

Dolls house food accessories Victoria Sponge
Victoria Sponge Cake Miniature by Wyrd World Miniatures

It’s a lovely day, so we should let some light in. Pull open the curtains, handmade by Colourways.

handmade dolls house curtains
Doll’s House Curtains by Colourways

Is it getting a little cold in here? Let’s turn the fire on inside this gorgeous fireplace made by Fire Craft Miniatures.

Handmade dolls house fireplace
1:12th Dolls House Fireplace by Fire Craft Miniatures

Did you see our little cactus friend on your way to the kitchen? It lives inside the sweetest mushroom planter made by Laura Lee Designs.

dolls house miniature cactus plant pot
Miniature Cactus Planter by Laura Lee Designs

We always stock the kitchen with fresh food. Cassylou made us these incredible sandwiches for lunch and Lily Lily Handmade sculpted these donuts for us to share.

Dolls house food accessories
12th Scale Sandwich Prep Board by Cassylou
Dolls house food miniature donuts
Miniature Doughnuts by Lily Lily Handmade

Why don’t we take this feast outside for a lovely tea party in our garden? Wyrd World Miniatures created this magical scene just for us.

Dolls house tea party set
12th Scale Magic Tea Set by Wyrd World Miniatures

It’s definitely time for a well deserved food nap. Colourways has made the bed just for you! Snuggle up with Summer, the miniature teddy bear lovingly made by Little Storybook Cottage.

 Patchwork Dolls House Quilt by Colourways
3″ Jointed Miniature Teddy Bear by Little Storybook Cottage

We also have a little studio room! Would you like to see? There’s a writing desk made by Miles by Design where we craft to our hearts content. There’s also an original painting by Dandelion’s Gallery that keeps us inspired as we make.

Dolls house furniture writing desk
Writing Desk Accessories Set by Miles by Design
Dolls house framed original painting
Miniature Original Painting Framed by Dandelion’s Gallery

You can find these artisan dolls house pieces and much more on Folksy. There are so many lovely handmade 1:12th scale dolls house furniture, miniatures and accessories to add to your collection. Make your doll house uniquely your own with these handmade Folksy finds.

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