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Allura Craft – New week, New maker

by Sophia Moreno

Introducing Allura Craft

Allura Craft is run by Kelly, a hobbyist and designer based in Kent, who crafts unique polymer clay earrings that she calls “art for your ears”. No two pieces are the same as she only makes one or two earring designs, allowing her to explore colours and patterns from a fresh perspective every time. Over the past two years, Kelly has explored this creative outlet as a form of therapy.

I love allowing an organic creative flow of exploring colour combinations and using mixed mediums to create one off and custom made earrings.

Allura Craft

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Polymer Clay Earrings by Allura Craft

Her designs are fun and fresh, from seasonal to statement pieces. We love seeing new polymer clay earrings pop into her shop knowing that once they’re gone – they’re gone for good! Kelly’s earrings are designed with their own personality and beauty in them and we can’t wait to see what she makes next!

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