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Clay Culture – New Week, New Maker

by Sophia Moreno

Introducing Clay Culture

Jane and Julie of Clay Culture are an exciting creative duo who specialise in handmade ceramics and hand painted pieces. Jane makes functional pottery on the potter’s wheel and particularly loves speckles and neutrals – although you may see a splash of colour in her work from time to time! Julie paints selected pieces, such as the lovely snowdrops candle we’ve featured below, as well as building her own sculptures. Animals are her specialty, but she can turn her hand to anything.

A creative duo turning lumps of earth into something lovely!

Clay Culture

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new week new maker clay culture ceramics candles sculpture
Ceramics by Clay Culture

Jane and Julie have such an interesting dynamic that we wanted to highlight and celebrate on our NWNM feature. Who doesn’t want to work in the studio with your best friend? Individually, they are talented makers with a love for handmade and they come together to create ceramics that tell a bright new story. We can’t wait to see what this crafty duo create next!

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