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Christmas decoration by Thimbleville on Folksy

Christmas Features on Folksy 2021

by Folksy

Our Christmas timeline – what we’re doing and how to be featured

This Christmas at Folksy we’re doing a big push on gifting. We’re experimenting with different marketing approaches to reach the gifting market, with a particular focus on shopping sustainably and shopping locally. To help us achieve our goals we have grown our team to include a new product lead on the development team. We have also appointed a marketing consultant. 

In this post we’ll set out the timeline for our Christmas marketing, so you know what we’re doing and when – and how you can be included in various features. 

What’s happening when

At the end of October we will launch our dedicated Christmas page at folksy.com/christmas. The content on our Christmas page will be phased as follows:

Phase 1: Launch to 15 Dec

  • Focus on personalised gifting and sustainable Christmas gift, decorations & cards
  • Christmas-themed gift guides
  • Recipient-based gift guides
  • Christmas Trends
  • Personalised Gifts
  • Folksy Local Christmas Markets promotion over the weekend of 27-28 November. 

Phase 2: 15 Dec to 23 Dec

  • Focus on last-minute gifts
  • Last-minute gift guide section
  • Section highlighting items that have Special Delivery
  • Section highlighting items that have next day delivery
  • Section highlighting gift vouchers

How to be included in our Christmas Page and campaign

  • Make sure you have beautiful photos that show your products at their very best
  • We are particularly looking for eco-friendly, sustainable gifts, so make sure that if your products are made with recycled, ethical sourced materials, plastic-free or eco-friendly you write this clearly in your descriptions – and add the tag ‘eco-friendly‘ to relevant listings
  • Keep an eye on our latest Gift Guide call-outs and add your suggestions here – https://talk.folksy.com/c/gift-guides/
  • If you are offering a bundle of gifts or gift set for Christmas, make sure you use the word ‘bundle’ in your title, description and tags so we can find it
  • If you are offering free delivery in the UK, add the tag ‘free delivery’ to your items
  • If you are offering special or recorded delivery, add the tag ‘special delivery’ to your items
  • If you are sending your items by next-day courier, add the tag ‘next day’ to your listings
  • If you send your items by First Class Royal Mail, add the tag ‘first class’ to your listings
  • Update your shipping times, so that if you can send out a parcel the next day, the shipping time is set to ‘1 day’


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Featured image: Christmas decoration by Thimbleville

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