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Ginkgo leaf earrings to illustrate new item page design

Item Page feedback & revisions 

by Folksy Admin

Actions on the new Item Page

We recently made some changes to the Item Pages on Folksy (read what we changed here). Since the changes went live, we’ve been monitoring the data on the pages – clicks and conversions – to see how people are using the page, and how that compares to previous results, and also following your feedback in this thread.

We are really grateful for all your feedback and couldn’t do our jobs without it – so please continue telling us your thoughts on future changes.

Our aim is always to make it as easy for customers to buy as possible, and help you sell your work online. Based on your feedback and the data, we will be making a few tweaks and revisions to the design on mobile and desktop over the next few weeks, which we’re going to outline below. There are a few other issues that have been brought up, which we think would be better handled by creating new features, but these will take longer to implement, and we will describe those below too.

Featured image: Ginkgo leaf hoop earrings by Nickat

Feedback and action

‘Description’ section

Some sellers are concerned about the description not being immediately visible, as they are worried customers may miss important information. 

  • To address this, we will adjust the description field so that it is partially visible and customers can click to see more. 
  • We will also change the title of this section to ‘Item Details’ to make it clearer to customers that this is where they can find the information they need about the product. 
  • Additionally, we will move the ‘Item Details’ section as the first section, just below the item title above the Shop Announcement tab.

Desktop view

The main image is very large on desktop screens, meaning the ‘add to basket’ button, price and title are not immediately visible when landing on an item page. 

  • This is a bug which we are working to fix. 
  • We will also be looking at how to take advantage of the landscape format of the desktop view. Currently around 30% of sales come through desktop, so we understand it’s a very important view for Folksy customers.

Add to Basket / Choose Options

For items with variations, customers on the new Item Page view are now shown the ‘Add to Basket’ button, rather than the ‘Choose Options’ button they saw previously. 

  • This is an intentional change in order to have a common language across our buttons. 
  • We are currently reviewing the data to determine whether customers are more or less likely to make a purchase when shown the ‘Add to Basket’ button rather than the ‘Choose Options’ button. When we have the results, we will know whether to keep the new copy or revert. 


We have received feedback that the price is too small and may be missed by customers.

  • We will increase the size of the price, so it is more obvious to customers browsing the page.

Social Share buttons

Several sellers have asked us to bring back the social share buttons, as they are now unsure how to share their own products or items by other Folksy makers. 

  • We opted to remove the social share buttons as part of the Item Page redesign, as they were creating ‘bloat’ and slowing down the page loading times. This wasn’t a straightforward decision because we want it to be as easy as possible for people to share items on Folksy, however we also need to ensure the site runs as quickly as possible for customers. 
  • But there are now multiple ways to share pages that are embedded into browsers on phones, and extensions you can add to your browser bar on desktop, which are maintained by the platform or browser. As these features are updated by the service provider, it means they should be more reliable than using social share buttons on the page. It also means that you, as users, are not reliant on us adding in more buttons as new social platforms emerge.
  • There are different solutions you can use to enable sharing on your browser. 

    – For example, if you are on a Mac you may have a ‘share’ button in the top browser bar (next to the URL) on both Safari and Chrome – read more about this here https://support.apple.com/en-gb/guide/safari/sfri40722/mac

    – Or if you are using Google Chrome, you can add the ‘AddToAny: Share Anywhere’ extension. This allows you to share to Facebook, Twitter and other applications directly from the page – you can also customise it to share to Pinterest. 

    – You can also add a Pinterest button to your browser bar. https://help.pinterest.com/en/article/save-pins-with-the-pinterest-browser-button). 

    – This article explains how to install and manage extensions https://support.google.com/chrome_webstore/answer/2664769?hl=en-GB

Tags / Prices / Materials

We have had some feedback questioning the necessity of having the ‘Tags, Materials and Colours’ section visible on the page.

  • We are looking at how this works and considering whether to make it less visible, incorporate it with another section, change how it is described, hide it or remove it altogether. However, we need to further understand its impact on SEO (search engine optimisation) before making a decision, so for the moment it will remain on the page.

Shop Announcements

Some sellers have raised concerns about the placement of the Shop Announcement section (that it is too prominent and/or should be below the description), but also whether important information here, such as discount codes, shop closure dates and last order/postage dates will be missed. 

  • We are aware that, up to now, sellers have had to use the shop announcements to tell customers information that should ideally be handled better by us.
  • There is also no character limit for the shop announcement section, which has led to some announcements being very long and taking up a lot of space on the page, and in the old Item Page design a lot of text for customers to get through before seeing the photo and item details. 
  • What we’d like to do is introduce new features that clearly signpost key information, such as discount codes, how long a shop is on holiday for (ie ‘reopening on’ date) and last order and/or last postage dates. While we develop these, we will keep the Shop Announcements tab so the customer has the information they need, but move it further down the page so the ‘Item Details’ are shown first as feedback from sellers was that this is more important.

Shop name / Shop identity

One of the aims of redesigning the item page was to make it clearer to customers that they are buying from an independent artist or maker, and make a stronger connection between the item and the seller. 

  • Your feedback shows that there is still more we need to do around this, to better highlight the seller and more clearly signpost the way to the other items in their shop. We’re working on ways to do that – including making the shop name more prominent, considering where the ‘More Items’ section sits on the page and the language we use.

Search bar / ‘Shop’ search

The search bar at the top of the Item Page is different from the rest of the site and prompts customers to ‘search handmade’. It does not offer the facility to search for shops. 

  • We are working to improve search generally across the site, and are looking to offer a much better search that can return both shops and items. This will take time to think through and implement. 

Listed date

A few sellers have asked for the ‘listed date’ (as opposed to the ‘made on’ date) to be reinstated on the page, as they use it for shop maintenance tasks to locate where items will appear on the dashboard. 

  • To make it easier to manage your shop, and avoid workarounds like this, we’re planning to introduce the ability to search listings on the seller dashboard. 

‘Edit this item’ feature for sellers

Sellers can still edit a listing from the Item Page when signed in, as before, but it’s quite a long way down the page and isn’t obvious.

  • To make it clearer, we’re going to move it up to the top!

We’re planning more new features for 2022, and these will follow the same model as the Item Page redesign, in terms of being a collaborative, iterative process that takes place over a few weeks. We hope that by issuing a first release, then setting a time to gather feedback and data, followed by revisions, this leads to better and more stable features that meet the needs of sellers and customers.

Your role as our users is crucial in this, so again we very much appreciate your feedback and comments. Thank you!

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