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How to maximise sales in December Folksy seller tips

3 ways to maximise last-minute sales on Folksy in December

by Folksy

How to get more sales and catch last-minute shoppers this Christmas

Millions of people in the UK leave their Christmas shopping to the last-minute. In fact one survey found that a fifth (19%) of all Brits are still shopping for gifts on Christmas Eve. When your creative business is online it’s difficult to capture these leave-it-late shoppers, but there are things you can do to help maximise your last-minute sales.

In this article we’re going to share some tips and suggestions to help you extend your Christmas sales period.

1. Offer next-day postage

One-in-three last-minute shoppers say they choose where to buy their gifts based on how soon they can get them. (Google/Ipsos)

With this in mind:

  • consider offering to post an order that day if ordered before a certain time – eg 1pm
  • offer special delivery on all your items – or as an additional extra (you can create a separate listing for that)
  • make it clear in your product description that you can post either the same day or the next day
  • add the tags ‘special delivery’ and or ‘next day‘ to those listings
  • add a sentence in your ‘Shop Announcement’ section about your postage, packing times and last order dates
  • update your shipping times, so that if you can send out a parcel the next day, the shipping time is set to ‘1 day’
Christmas selling checklist for Folksy shops

2. Target last-minute male shoppers

Men are more than twice as likely to leave Christmas shopping to the last minute, with more than a quarter of them waiting until Christmas Eve to do their shopping.

So, over the 10 days before Christmas, why not tailor some of your marketing and social media posts towards male customers?

Research also shows last-minute buyers spend more, which could make social media adverts worth trying. Consider whether you could experiment with some paid social media adverts on Facebook, Instagram or even Pinterest – or paying to boost posts that are doing well and which are specifically targeted at these last-minute shoppers.

Social media adverts are relatively inexpensive and you can get good results for £5 or £10 a day, so it could be worth testing to see how it works.

How to create gift vouchers on Folksy

3. Offer gift vouchers

For those shoppers who really have left it too late, could you offer a gift voucher that they can either print out, give in person or email as a gift? Here’s how to do that on Folksy:

  • Set up a new listing on Folksy in the usual way (find out how to create a new listing here). 
  • To make it even easier, we have free created templates* you can use for product shots – just add in your own photo. Click here to use our templates >
  • Clearly state any terms and conditions in the item description. For example,
    if any products are excluded
    the expiry date (Please check current UK laws covering how long a gift voucher should last. At the time of writing there is no legal time period and the advice is generally that an ethical business should set a reasonable period in which the voucher can be redeemed, and that the expiry date (if you want to add one) should be clearly stated on both the certificate and the listing)
    whether the gift voucher can be extended
  • Make it clear in your product description how the customer will receive their voucher and how the recipient can redeem it
  • You can use the Variations feature to add different gift token values, eg £10, £20, £50, £100. 
  • If you offer personalised messages, add a section to the product description asking the customer to leave any message they would like to include on the gift certificate in the ‘message to seller’ box when they check out.
  • List them in our Gift Vouchers category on Folksy (you can find it under Cards & Stationery) –https://folksy.com/cards-stationery/gift-vouchers
  • what happens if a customer loses their gift voucher
  • whether you offer refunds on gift vouchers
  • whether the voucher can be exchanged for cash

If you want to offer the option of either an email voucher with no delivery charge or a physical card that will be posted, you can either create two listings or use the Variations feature, adding an option for printing/posting the gift card. Learn how to do that here https://blog.folksy.com/2018/10/16/how-to-use-variations-on-folksy

IMPORTANT: This article is useful in understanding customer’s rights concerning gift vouchers and cards – https://www.which.co.uk/consumer-rights/advice/what-are-my-rights-with-gift-vouchers-and-cards-aCgOF7w7505Z

How to create gift vouchers on Folksy

We have also created a set of templates for Gift Voucher certificates that you can either print out and send to the customer or recipient, or email as an attachment.

To use our Gift Certificates:

  • choose the template you prefer from the options on Canva here >
  • replace the photo with one of your own product images
  • edit the information to tailor it to your own business
  • add your customer’s and the recipient’s details and any message
  • add in details specific to this voucher such as the value of the gift token, expiry date and voucher number if needed.

* Our templates are available to all Folksy sellers, free of charge on Canva. You will need a Canva account to access them but you don’t need the paid-for ‘Canva Pro’ subscription; ‘Canva Free’ is fine!

Images featured in this article: Felt bunny Christmas gift by Isla May Makes; Hand-knitted Una Wristwarmers by Sprig Knitwear; Recycled silver ivy earrings by The Little Red Hen.

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