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Small Business Kathryn Davies Art – New Week New Maker

by Sophia Moreno
Folksyseller smallbusiness heart pug walldecor valentinesday collage gift
Pug hanging decoration by Kathryn Davies Art

Kate is a paper collage artist living in Worcestershire where she makes whimsical and nature inspired art. Her paper snipping journey started in 2019 when, after having worked with watercolours and pencil sketchings for many years, she decided to try something new! Kate loves making her own collage paper. Her technique is to splash and roll acrylic paint across paper to create an exciting range of colours and textures. She said, “I find it magical when the snipping begins. You can create vast mountains and sprawling beaches all through a few cuts with the scissors.” Kate started her small business on Folksy in the beginning of 2022 and has already started listing so many beautiful pieces in her shop! We love this little pug hanging decoration so much, we added it to our Valentine Gift Ideas guide.

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Miscellaneous collages by Kathryn Davies Art

My love of the coast, my dream to live by the sea and my interest in nature influences a lot of my work

Kathryn Davies Art

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collage seaside englishcoast travel artwork smallbusiness
House on the Coast collage by Kathryn Davies Art

Kate has a range of her work on Folksy, from wall hangings to framed artworks. Her style is playful and lighthearted all while having a sense of wanderlust and imagination. We can practically hear the waves crashing against the rocks in this piece, ‘House on the Coast’! Whether you’re nostalgic for seaside holidays or you’re inspired by the beauty of nature, Kate has created something beautiful just for you.

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