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Torbjorn – New Week New Maker

by Sophia Moreno

Introducing a new shop on Folksy – Torbjorn

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Tourmaline ring by Torbjorn

Emily Nicholson is a jeweller from Derbyshire with an eye for design and love for the planet. Her pieces are made from eco silver, a type of recycled silver that is repurposed from metal scraps, unwanted jewellery and sometimes even electronics! Recycled silver is not mined from the ground, making it an eco friendly alternative and the perfect gift for an eco conscious friend. Emily’s new shop Torbjorn is a reforestation partner with ‘One Tree Planted.’ This means that for every purchase, one tree will be planted through their reforestation scheme.

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jewellery mixedmetals ring necklace earrings handmade
Handmade jewellery by Torbjorn

“From the materials used for each item to the packaging, it’s all eco-friendly.”

Emily, Torbjorn

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starrynight bears charity necklace torbjorn
Starry night bear necklace by Torbjorn

Emily created this beautiful starry night bear necklace for a charity of her choice. To find out more about the charity she’s donating to, check out the Charity Partnerships section in her shop.

We love the way Emily photographs her jewellery for Torbjorn. She uses interesting elements to display her work and natural light to enhance her photos. Our blog has an archive of photography tips that could be useful for any small business who needs help capturing the perfect photo.

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