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New German packaging laws and what it means for Folksy sellers

VerpackG (Packaging Act) – how the new laws impact shops selling to customers in Germany and what you need to do.

You may have heard that Germany has recently updated its packaging laws (VerpackG) in a move designed to reduce waste and encourage the recycling and reuse of packaging materials. 

The new changes, which come into effect on 1st July 2022, apply to online marketplaces like Folksy and will impact your business if you sell to Germany.

Please note that this blog is for informational purposes and does not constitute legal advice. We have included links to the official website and contacts, which you may find useful if you have further questions.

What do Folksy sellers need to do?

If want to continue to sell goods to Germany from your Folksy shop, there are 4 steps you need to take to ensure compliance with the new regulations:

Step 1. Before shipping any products to Germany, register with the LUCID Packaging Register. You need to register as soon as possible, ideally before 1st July 2022. https://lucid.verpackungsregister.org

  • You will receive a registration number, which you should keep safe. 
  • This step is FREE.

Step 2. Input your LUCID-ID in your Seller Dashboard on Folksy.

You will also need to:

Step 3. Enter into a system participation agreement: www.verpackungsregister.org/en/systems-overview

  • There is a cost to this.

Step 4. Report your packaging volumes here: www.verpackungsregister.org/checklist-data-reporting

If you want to send packages to Germany, you should also update your packaging information to make customers aware of their recycling and return options.

What are we doing to support you?

We are working to ensure that we are compliant with the new rules. We have added a section where sellers can input their LUCID-ID if they wish to continue selling to German-based customers. (This section went live on 30 June 2022). If the seller does not complete this field, Folksy will automatically block any sales to Germany at the point of purchase.

Can I opt out of selling to Germany?

If you do not wish to sell to Germany, just leave the LUCID-ID field blank and the sale will be blocked automatically. Unless you fill in this field, Germany will not show on your shipping options.

What is required of Folksy?

As an online marketplace, we need to ensure our sellers are compliant with legislation and, if you choose to sell to Germany, we are obliged to check that you are registered with LUCID and are participating in the system participation agreement (see Step 2 above).

Useful Links

You can find out more information here: https://www.verpackungsregister.org/en?r=1

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