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Koopman Soap Co

Koopman Soap Co – New Week New Maker

by Sarah Law

Introducing Koopman Soap Co

We’d love to introduce you to one of our newest makers on Folksy: the Koopman Soap Co, run by Gemma Koopman in Welling, Kent.

Koopman Soap Co

Koopman Soap Co is a small creative business located in the London borough of Bexley. This luxurious handmade soap is created by Gemma Koopman in small batches using traditional methods. You can be sure that every detail and ingredient that goes into these vibrant vegan bars has been carefully considered.

Born from a desire to reduce her family’s impact on the environment, Gemma wants to enable others to make small eco friendly changes to everyday products. 

“I believe that if lots of people make small eco focused changes, then collectively, we can make a difference”

Gemma, Koopman Soap Co

Koopman Soap Co

To create her beautiful soap, Gemma uses the traditional cold pressed method. This ensures that all of the natural benefits of the plant derived oils and butter are preserved.

Currently, her favourite bar is Mighty Lavender and we can see why. With its contrasting swirls of purple and white, you can almost smell the heady lavender scent. Every time she pours it, Gemma is transported back to the long summer days of her childhood. We love how therapeutic this sounds!

All of the packaging that Gemma uses is either recyclable or compostable, making these fragrant bars an awesome gift for an eco conscious friend.

So, what’s next for Koopman Soap Co? Gemma has big plans to expand her eco friendly product range. On the menu are vegan shampoo bars, hand balms and solid moisturiser bars.

We can’t wait to see what she comes up with.

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