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Folksy Plus Account price increase

A change to the Folksy Plus Account fees for new sellers

by Folksy Support

Folksy Plus Account price increase for new sellers

We wanted to let you know that on the 27th June 2022 the cost of the Monthly Folksy Plus Account will increase to £7.50 a month for new subscribers. Fees for existing monthly Folksy Plus Account holders will remain the same and we will also be bringing back our popular Annual Plus Account for all Folksy sellers.

The new fees will be:

  • Monthly Folksy Plus Account: £7.50
  • Annual Folksy Plus Account: £75 per year. 

The annual Folksy Plus Account offers a £15 discount (equivalent to 2 months free), compared to our monthly plan.

If you are currently on the Basic plan but upgrade to the Monthly Plus Account before 27th June 2022, you will be charged at the current rate of £5 a month. If you join the Monthly Plus Account after 27th June 2022, you will be charged at the new £7.50 rate.

Why do we need to increase our prices?

This is our first increase to the Monthly Plus account since it was introduced in 2018, and although price increases never sound like good news, we will be re-investing the money to:

  • expand our brand awareness 
  • improve the Folksy selling experience
  • make it easier for customers to find and buy your products

We always try to keep the fees as accessible as we can, but in order to grow, support you better and keep up with the demands of running a marketplace, we need to make a change to the current plan. We have chosen to keep prices the same for existing sellers as a thank you for your loyalty to Folksy.

What does this mean for me?

Basic account:
No change. Listing fees and commission on our basic account remain the same.

Existing Monthly Folksy Plus accounts:
If you are already have a Folksy Plus monthly account, you will not be affected by the price increase.

New Monthly Folksy Plus accounts:
For new sellers joining the monthly Folksy Plus Account from 27th June 2022, the fee will be £7.50 per month (instead of £5).

Annual Folksy Plus Account:
Sellers now have the option to join our Annual Folksy Plus account. This costs £75 (a £15 reduction on our monthly plan over the same period) and is charged once a year. 

Legacy Annual Account
Fees will remain the same for sellers on our legacy annual accounts.

There is no change to our 6% commission.

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