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Embroidery hoop with two sandals. text reads new week new maker, Vera Amiel Art


by Sarah Law

Introducing Vera from Vera Amiel Art

Introducing one of the newest shops on Folksy, Vera Amiel Art. Vera works with thread and watercolours to weave magic into everyday objects. We chatted to discover more about her artistic process and the importance of making time for art.

What draws you to embroidery? 

For me, embroidery is more than the act of stitching through fabric. It’s the enjoyment I get from having an idea, and mindfully see it unfold stitch by stitch. What draws me to embroidery is that I believe it can be one of the most tranquil crafts to practise, regardless of one’s experience. 

Embroidered Bowling Sign by Vera Amiel Art

You have a lovely way of elevating everyday objects. How do you do it and what draws you to this subject? 

Life can be a rollercoaster of distractions, but given the opportunity, we might find ourselves pausing and, in that break, be able to pay close attention to things we might have considered lesser, and find beauty in it – that is what has happened to me two years ago, and I try to pass on that message through my work. My embroidery is focused on the objects, hence being minimalist, with a touch of water colour in some pieces. 

I use photos as my resource to draw on paper, and then on fabric with thread. I specifically make sure small distinctive attributes of each object are shown in my work.  

“My work is an expression of observing life in a minimalist approach – textures, shapes and details of the most familiar objects and pieces of life, often forgotten in our fast-paced life.”

Vera Amiel Art

When did you start working with embroidery?

I have always had an interest in hand crafted art. It amazes me how raw materials can become amazing works of art, and I have always wanted to be part of it, but life has been busy. I have finally embraced art last year, and there’s no turning back.  

Tell us, what’s next for Vera Amiel Art?

After some good reviews, and being invited to show my work in a physical shop, I have finally opened my online Folksy shop. It is still in early stages, but I am committed to making sure that my creations will find their place as a unique way to display everyday objects in any home. I am also thinking about offering other products besides embroidery hoops, but maintaining objects as the main theme.  

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