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#4FolksyFinds – a new social media idea for Folksy Sellers

Introducing #4FolksyFinds – like Folksy Friday but with a twist

We love hearing ideas from our community and were delighted when Gwen from Quirky and Boho Designs approached us with her take on Folksy Friday: 4FolksyFinds.

If you’re new to Folksy and don’t know what Folksy Friday is, here’s a quick recap. Every Friday, Folksy sellers create a social media post compiled of eight of their favourite finds on Folksy – all linked by a theme. Find out more about Folksy Friday here – https://blog.folksy.com/folksy-friday

Gwen’s idea for 4FolksyFinds is that instead of the eight images you need to make a Folksy Friday, you just choose four (one of which can be your own product) and post it whenever you want. This creates a lovely little window, perfect for online window shopping (and hopefully some real shopping too!) but with half the work.

Gwen says she came up with the concept of 4FolksyFinds because she loves the support that artists and crafters on Folksy offer each other through Folksy Friday, but she also understands that life gets busy and not everyone has the time to compile a board of eight items. Her hope is that this mini version will make it even easier to take part, and that will encourage more people to participate and share their curations, any day of the week.

This theme of this fab 4FolksyFinds post by @quirkyandbohodesigns is ‘Aglow’

How to take part in 4FolksyFinds

It’s super simple to join in with #4FolksyFinds on social media. Here’s how…

  • Choose your theme, for example ‘celestial’
  • Use our new and improved search function to discover four Folksy items that fall under the theme
  • Download the images and create a grid with those four images, using an app like Canva *
  • Add a simple graphic in the middle with the Folksy logo and the name of the theme.**
  • Share on social media, tagging each maker and adding the hashtag #4folksyfinds

* Tip 1: To make it even easier, we’ve created a free template on Canva you can use to create your own 4FolksyFinds – click here to use our free #4FolksyFinds template >

** Tip 2: you can download the full Folksy logo or the outline version here https://blog.folksy.com/folksy-logos

A crown-themed 4FolksyFinds featuring Hannah Willow Art, Wilma&Willow, feltfabulousgifts and Delicate Stitches

Have fun and we’re looking forward to seeing all your 4FolksyFinds appearing in our feed.
A huge thank you to Gwen from Quirky and Boho Designs for the brilliant idea!

Try our improved search function

We have recently made improvements to our search function, now here’s your opportunity to put it to the test! Just go to Folksy.com, type in what you’re looking for and see all the great things our makers have to offer.

Do you have an idea for content that you’d like us to consider?

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