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Top 10 TikTok accounts for craft tutorials

Top 10 TikTok, YouTube and Instagram accounts for crafts tutorials, tips and DIYs

by Folksy

If the internet is good for two things it’s cat videos and crafts tutorials. There is so much content out there. But how do get to the good stuff – the stuff that makes you want to pick up that rug tufter and learn a new craft? Well, you can either spend hours scrolling and disappear down multiple crocheted rabbit holes, or check out our Top 10!

Here’s our round-up of the most inspiring accounts on TikTok, YouTube and Instagram for learning a new skill or brushing up on your techniques

1. Top for learning a new craft: The Bargello Edit
@thebargelloedit on TikTok

For anyone who hasn’t heard of bargello, it’s a type of needlepoint tapestry done on a board using straight stitches to create mathematical motifs and colourful patterns. With a long history going back to the 17th century, Bargello was big in 1970s and is having another moment right now.

@thebargelloedit is run by Nerrisa Pratt, author of the book Bargello, published by Quadrille Publishing. On her TikTok she runs a #bargello101 series where she teaches you about the history of the craft and delves into the different stitches, materials and techniques.

Anyone looking for a craft that’s mindful and methodical but also full of colour-clashing fun, will love this one.



So excited to share the first video from my new #bargello101 series – the materials! Here’s what you need to get started, what do you want to know next? 🪡✂️ #needlepoint #needlepointtiktok #smallbusiness #fyp #craftchallange #bargello

♬ Darling – Trees and Lucy

2. Top for potters: Kara Leigh Ford
@karaleighceramics on Instagram

Kara Leigh Ford is a self-taught potter who quit her office job in 2015 to follow her dream and set up ceramics studio. As well as writing a brilliant book Pottery for Beginners, Kara regularly shares the throwing, glazing and firing tips she has picked up over her years as a full-time potter on her Instagram @karaleighceramics and YouTube accounts.

She used to sell on Folksy, and you can read our Meet the Maker interview with Kara to learn more about the beginnings of her creative journey or join her Pottery Club on Patreon for more tutorials and tips.


3. Top for jewellers: Metalsmith Society
@metalsmithsociety on Instagram

Metalsmith Society @metalsmithsociety is a community on Instagram where jewellers support one another by sharing knowledge. It was founded by New Yorker and professional jeweller Corkie Bolton in 2018 as a hub for jewellers of all levels to ask questions and share their techniques.

Top related hashtag: #tooltalktuesday


4. Top for sewing tips: Tilly and The Buttons
@TillyButtons on YouTube

For sewing tips, we still don’t think you can beat Tilly and the Buttons. Founder Tilly Walnes first came on to our radar when she appeared on the first series of The Great British Sewing Bee way back in 2013. She was even our headline speaker at the Folksy Summer School that summer.

Tilly and her team specialise in creating easy-to-use, step-by-step guides to sewing your own clothes. Their YouTube account @TillyButtons is full of essential tips, like how to sew set-in sleeves, work with corduroy and lengthen a sewing pattern.

Highly recommended.


5. Top for glass artists: Derek Hunt Artist
DerekHuntArtist on YouTube

Derek Hunt is a stained glass artist with over three decades’ experience, who is truly passionate about his craft. He makes excellent videos to inspire others and tutorials to share his tips and techniques. This is a fantastic channel for anyone working with glass or those who are just curious and want to learn more.


6. Top for a heritage craft: The Whimsical Marbler
@thewhimsicalmarbler on Instagram

We are BIG fans of marbling and very sad to see it on the list of Red List of Endangered Crafts compiled by Heritage Crafts. It’s classified as ‘endangered’, meaning there are currently enough craftspeople to transmit the skills to the next generation, but there are serious concerns about its future. However, one look at hypnotic marbling reveals Jessica Goulty shares on her Instagram account @thewhimsicalmarbler and you’ll be hooked!

Follow Jess, start marbling yourself and help save a craft from extinction. Hurray!

You can read more about marbling in our Exploring Techniques series here https://blog.folksy.com/2021/03/30/exploring-techniques-paper-marbling

You can also watch Jess’s fab marbling tutorials on our YouTube account – YouTube Craft Tutorials Playlist.


7. Top for printmaking: Kerry Day Arts
@KerryDayArts on YouTube

Kerry Day is a talented printmaker and lino print tutor based in Bristol. She uses her YouTube account @KerryDayArts to share her lino printing tips and tutorials, with advice ranging from how to register linocut prints, to mark making and colour mixing. Kerry has previously done tutorials for us too, so we can vouch for how good she is.


8. Top for crochet and macramé: Hello Bobbiny
@hello_bobbiny on TikTok

Bobbiny is actually a manufacturer of ropes, cords and yarns, run by wife and husband Aleksandra and Tomasz and their team in Warsaw, Poland. But as well as showcasing their products, their TikTok is filled with knots, braids and stitches tutorials and macramé and crochet projects. It’s pretty addictive.



9. Top for teens: ThisArtPerson
@thisartperson on TikTok

If you’re looking for DIYs to get Gen Z making, head over to @thisartperson on TikTok. Officially teenager-approved (we asked FolksyHQ offspring), Yasmin has a TikTok full of ideas inspired by pop culture, relationships and complex emotions, while also tackling issues around insecurities and unachievable perceptions of beauty perpetuated by art and social media.

Think the Billie Eilish of craft and you’re on the right track.



DIY butterfly bookmark in 2 minutes 🦋📚#DIY #bookmark ib: artsyyvinita

♬ som original – 𝚌𝚊.

10. Top for kids: Oh Creative Day
@ohcreativeday on Instagram

Oh Creative Day is run Shannon – a mum, teacher and “enthusiastic user of pom poms, PVA glue and paint”. Shannon shares crafty ideas, books recommendations and free printables & templates on her Instagram @ohcreativeday to help keep you sane when trying to entertain children.

Oh Creative Day is here for you on those many, many rainy days.


Also highly recommended:

@thebarmyfox on Instagram for embroidery

@ratschebutsch on Instagram for crochet tutorials

@hello_bobbiny on Instagram for macrame tutorials

@thispinterestvibe on TikTok for crafty teens

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Credit: Featured images by The Whimsical Marbler

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