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Folksy Seconds Sunday Sale February 2023

Seconds Sunday – 5th February 2023

by Folksy

Join our Folksy Seconds Sunday Sale on 5th February 2023

Last October we held our very first Seconds Sunday Sale. It was so popular that we’re going to hold another one this February and hope to make it a regular event. In this blog post we’ll explain how it works.

When is it?

The next Seconds Sunday Sale will take place on Sunday 5th February 2023 at folksy.com.

What is Folksy Seconds Sunday?

The beauty of handmade items is that no two are alike because they’ve been made by a human. But makers, artists and designers have high standards and sometimes their creations don’t quite meet their exacting standards. This is called a second. Structurally sound, the item will have minor flaws.

A second could also be a piece from an older collection or a sample product, made to test out a new idea, material or technique.

Selling these pieces as seconds allows the customer to purchase a piece of art or craft at a reduced rate and avoids makers throwing away stock, thereby minimising waste. It also enables customers to buy beautiful pieces no matter their budget.

How do I take part as a Folksy seller?

The Seconds Sunday Sale we held in October was a huge success, and led to the second-best day for sales in the whole of 2022, just pipped to the post by our Online Christmas Market. We would love to repeat its success this time around.

As the first event was a trial, it was open to all sellers. However this time, the Seconds Sunday Sale will be an exclusive (free!) event for Folksy Plus members – and only items from Folksy Plus shops will be visible on the page. It’s just one of the benefits of the Folksy Plus account – read more here >

  • You will need a Folksy Plus account to take part. The event is FREE for all Folksy Plus members. Only items by Folksy Plus sellers will appear on the page. To upgrade, log into your Folksy account and join here – https://folksy.com/dashboard/plus-account
  • Create a listing as normal for each of your ‘seconds’ – or edit an existing listing. You can create your listings now or any time up to and during the event.
  • Add the words ‘Seconds Sunday’ to the title.
  • Make it clear in the description why this piece is a second, accurately describing any flaws or imperfections, or whether it is an end of line or sample product.
  • Add the tag ‘seconds sunday’ to the tags (without quotation marks or #).
  • Use our ‘Sales’ feature to reduce the price. Set the sale price to account for the flaws or imperfections; the original price should be what it would cost if it was new and perfect. (Refer to section 1.4.Comparisons with prices related to different circumstances‘ of the UK Government’s Code of Practice for Traders on Price Indications for legal requirements when pricing goods that are not considered in ‘perfect’ condition.)

If you don’t have a Folksy Plus account, you can still share your items on social media using the hashtag #folksyseconds but your items will not show up in the Seconds Sunday page on Folksy during the event.

Please note: We reserve the right to remove any items that are not clearly described as a second from the sale, without prior notice.

How do I shop on Seconds Sunday?

Visit folksy.com on Sunday 5th February 2023 and look out for the Seconds Sunday banner on our homepage. This will take you to our dedicated Seconds Sunday page, where you will be able to shop all items available in the sale.

Sign up to our newsletter to get first dibs on the seconds.

You can also follow the hashtag #folksyseconds on social media to be inspired.

Share your purchases on social media after the event using the #folksyseconds – to show everyone what you found!

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Louise Brainwood January 19, 2023 - 7:49 am

Looking forward to taking part and wondered when items should be added and tagged etc. to make sure they show up on the Sale section? or is there some wizardry involved that means I can add whenever and it automatically gets added? Thanks xx

Camilla January 23, 2023 - 2:57 pm

Hi Louise. You can tag the items at any time before the 5th February – just add the tag ‘seconds sunday’ to the tags (without quotation marks or #).

We also advise adding the words
‘Seconds Sunday’ to the title and making it clear in the description why this piece is a second.

You can use the ‘Sales’ feature to reduce the price to account for the flaws or imperfections.

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