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My Creative Life in Five: Beatrice Ajayi

by Folksy

Artist Beatrice Ajayi shares her inspiration sourcebook

In this new series, we delve into the creative life of our makers in just five questions. Designed to get your own creative juices flowing, My Creative Life in Five will give you books to read, artists to follow and shops to explore. We’re kicking off with artist Beatrice Ajayi, who creates original art and cute big-eyed characters that all have stories to tell. Let’s see where she goes for inspiration…


Who are your heroes of craft?

A) I have a lot of crafting and creative maker heroes, but I will mention Amii Ceramics and Birdie Tam who are both on YouTube and both feature in my selection of favourite ceramic artists. 

Beatrice Ajayi favourite books
Books for budding textile and mixed media artists


If someone was at the start of their creative journey, what’s the first book they should pick up?

A) I would say two fun books to look at for inspiration, (I know you said one) but they are fun books: Artful Adventures in Mixed Media by Nathalie Kalbach and Textile Nature: Embroidery techniques inspired by the natural world by Anne Kelly. I work with mixed mediums and fabrics are a part of that. 

Kate Smallwood Ceramics
Kate Smallwood Ceramics


Tell us about one thing you’ve bought on Folksy and why it’s special to you… 

A) I feel like I am leaning to ceramics a lot at the moment because I would love to dive into that and create more 3D clay work. Kate Smallwood Ceramics is one maker on Folksy who has caught my eye. I love her beautiful designs and the pieces in greens. Another is Flora Knight Dolls. I want one of her dolls! They are so cute and quirky little characters. 

Flora Knight Dolls
Flora Knight Dolls


Who would you recommend people follow on social media within your field for inspiration? 

A) There are a lot of people who inspire me within my field for different reasons, so I am going to name a few:

Abstract artist Julia Badow

Lori Mirabelli – another abstract artist

Artist and storyteller Jess Karp

YouTuber and Nashville artist Sandi Hester

Painter and vlogger Katie Jobling Art

Colour lover and artist Betty Franks

“Human marshmellow” Katnipp Studios

And illustrator Emily Harvey Art.

They are all on Instagram and YouTube too. 

Julia Badow
Julia Badow


What handmade object of desire do you most lust after in the world?

A) Is it ok to say a house big enough for all the work I love from the artists mentioned above and any future artists work I come across?

Sandi Hester
Sandi Hester

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Shop Beatrice Ajayi on Folksy

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So much talent!

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Beautiful art! Thanks for sharing

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