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Crafted Characters

by Folksy

Anthropomorphic animals, dolls and quirky creatures

Handmade pieces are always infused with character, rendered through the maker’s marks, the perfect imperfections, and the detail and patination that come when something is crafted with love. But nowhere is this character more evident than in the anthropomorphic animals and objects, quirky creatures, folk art miniatures and heirloom dolls that are knitted, stitched, carved and built from the imagination of makers.

Here are some of our favourites. Discover more on Folksy.

Featured image: Sailor polar bear faux taxidermy sculpture by Rags and Tatters on Folksy

Coronation doll by HomeSpunWithLove

Leopard wearing his crown – faux taxidermy wall art by Rags & Tatters

A fox butterfly called Kevin by Kayleigh Radcliffe
Maya, a handmade rag doll, by Crafty Freckles
Ralph, a one-of-a-kind artist bear by Bearlescent

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