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MatildaBelle My Creative Life in Five

My Creative Life in Five: MatildaBelle Ceramics

by Folksy

Ceramic artist Lucy from MatildaBelle shares her inspiration sourcebook

In the third instalment of our new series, we explore the creative life of craft advocate and aficionado Lucy from MatildaBelle Ceramics to discover her maker heroes, the handmade pieces she most covets and where she goes when she is in the midst of an inspiration blackout…

Watch Lucy talk about her inspiration

My Creative Life in Five with Lucy from MatildaBelle Ceramics

Tom Ball Brooch
Ginko leaf and beetle brooch by @tomball_carving


Who are your heroes of craft?

Thomas Ball Carving is a carving genius based in Oxfordshire. He recently designed and carved a commission piece consisting of a Ginko leaf brooch with a stunning beetle. It’s breathtaking. He works in stone and wood, both in restoration and more contemporary pieces. I admire his work so much. His restoration and replacements of Grinling Gibbons’ work is pure talent. This is craft at its most spectacular. Follow Tom @tomball_carving on Instagram.

Julia Smith is another UK-based hero whose work is just so simply beautiful. She is a potter who works at the wheel, however it”s the imagery on her pieces that really evoke such deep emotions. I recently bought one of her mugs and I found it so personal it brought a tear to my eye. My coffee feels all the more special for it. Find her at @julia.smith.ceramics on Instagram

Julia Smith Bowl
Handmade ceramic bowl by @julia.smith.ceramics


If If someone was at the start of their creative journey, what’s the first book they should pick up?

Your own book! Be it a notebook or sketchbook, get into the habit of keeping a record of your thoughts, ideas and processes. Stick things in that you’ve have collected. Treat it like a journal. When inspiration blackout hits or your confidence needs a boost, just looking back at how far you’ve come can be enough to kickstart the creativity.

Matilda Belle sketchbook
A page from Lucy’s sketchbook


Whose work do you most admire on Folksy?

Without a doubt Alison from Macclesfield Bag Works. Alison takes off-cuts of fabrics or pre-worn pieces of clothing like jeans and repurposes them into the most amazing bags and purses.

She hits the spot for me on a few points. Her skills as a seamstress are amazing, but using that talent to design and make new items out of things that would probably end up in landfill is inspiring. I love that such a traditional craft like sewing is being used in a contemporary and useful way.

Art, design and craft collide with a lovely dollop of sustainability for good measure – just fabulous!

Recycled denim and chenille silk cross-body bag by Macclesfield Bag Works


Who would you recommend people follow on social media within your field for inspiration? 

Oh, again, this is an easy one. It’s got to be Joe Thompson from Old Forge Creations on Instagram. He is a genius and so so giving. Joe shares amazing tips and tricks, along with fantastic skills he has learned about pricing and running a business. He’s like a one-man hive mind. He’s a maker who sees the value in sharing his craft and I love him for that! Follow Joe at @oldforgecreations.

Slipcast Astronaut made by Joe at @oldforgecreations


What object of desire do you most lust after?

Now I could really go big with this answer. There are a couple of State side makers whose work I really, really dream about… but actually no more than Kate Smallwood‘s stoneware inkwell bottles. Kate is also a UK-based maker and a Folksy seller, but this really is by chance with regards to me picking her.

I really do think her bottles are utterly perfect in shape and glaze. Again, just simply perfect.

Inkwell Bottles by Kate Smallwood

Lucy from MatildaBelle is a maker based in North Yorkshire who makes ceramic buttons, statement jewellery and homeware from her workshop overlooking the garden.

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