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Kate Brooks Printmaker, My Creative Life in 5

My Creative Life in Five: Kate Brooks

by Folksy

Printmaker Kate Brooks shares her inspiration

In the latest instalment of our new series, we explore the creative life of printmaker Kate Brooks to discover her heroes of craft, the artists and printmakers she most admires, and which books on her shelf she turns to for inspiration.

Buy Less, Buy Better, Buy Handmade campaign
Nick Hand holding a first proof of the Buy Less, Buy Better, Buy Handmade letterpress campaign poster


Who are your heroes of craft?

I truly can’t single anyone out as a hero of craft so I’m going a bit leftfield with this one! The word hero, to me conjures up images of someone in a cape coming to save the day so I do like the current campaigns that are trying to encourage people to support independent makers by buying from them rather than from the high street, such as Just a Card, Buy Less, Buy Better, Buy Handmade and the Artist Support Pledge.

Books recommended by printmaker Kate Brooks


If If someone was at the start of their creative journey, what’s the first book they should pick up?

The first book that got me actually drawing for the first time in years was one that I picked up in Oxfam: Let’s Start Designing by Pat Scrase. I love the colours and graphics of the ’60s and this book is a joy!

I dabbled with acrylic painting and Vibrant Acrylics by Hashim Akib is really good, and subconsciously, is probably where I get some of my different colour backgrounds featured in my screen prints?!

I love books that feature images of colour and some of the images in Palette Perfect by Lauren Wager are just beautiful and make me consider different moods you can create with colour.

Stuart Brocklehurt printmaker, Mezzotint
Where Seven Streams Fall, mezzotint print by Stuart Brocklehurst


Whose work do you most admire on Folksy?

There are lots of very talented makers on Folksy and asking me to single anyone out is really difficult! I love the work of printmaker Stuart Brocklehurst. I’ve met Stuart and seen his work at various print fairs over the years and his work is so intricate and beautiful. The photos on Folksy don’t do them justice. A totally different style to me and a way of crafting prints that I admire because I’m pretty sure I’d be useless at it.

Clockwise from top left: Andy Lovell, Bailey Schmidt, Gail Brodholt, Todd Stewart, Textile Mixologist, Chris Long


Who would you recommend people follow on social media within your field for inspiration? 
Artist, illustrator and printmaker Andy Lovell – @andylovellprintmaker on Instagram
Todd Stewart – @toddallanstewart on Instagram
Painter and linocut printmaker Gail Brodholt – @gail_brodholt on Instagram
Slow fashion advocate Dee Dee aka the Textile Mixologist – @textile.mixologist on Instagram
Artist Chris Long – @long_painter on Instagram
And artist Bailey Schmidt – @baileyschmidtart on Instagram

Kate Brooks collection of greetings cards
A snippet of Kate’s greetings card stash


What object of desire do you most lust after?

I do quite a few arts events throughout the year and am often surrounded by amazing handmade objects that I would love to purchase from other makers! I tend to treat myself to a pair of earrings or items for the house, such as ceramic pots and prints (of course!). I have a greetings cards stash that I can never actually part with and one day it would be great to afford a print rather than just a card! If I have to name one, a print by Andy Lovell would be up there!

Andy Lovell print, chosen by printmaker Kate Brooks
‘Light Over Lindisfarne’ by Andy Lovell

Kate Brooks is a printmaker based in Derbyshire who creates original hand-pulled screen prints based on the views, countryside and landscape surrounding her. 

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Screenprints by Peak District artist Kate Brooks

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