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Shop Early for Christmas on Folksy

Shop Early for Christmas – 7 & 8 October

by Folksy

Shop early, shop well, shop handmade at our Christmas shopping event

Instead of racing around the shops on Christmas Eve, desperately trying to find any present that will do, we’d like to invite you to our online Christmas shopping event where you can browse early, without the pressure, and find extra special, handmade and unique pieces to gift this Christmas.

Our ‘Shop Early for Christmas’ event takes place over the weekend of 7-8th October 2023. While you can find beautiful gifts every day on Folksy, this is an opportunity to see pieces selected by our makers as perfect Christmas presents, and enjoy any extra treats they might have for you – such as free gift wrapping, carefully chosen gift sets or free shipping, as well as offers and discounts as a reward for shopping early. They might even be able to send the parcel directly to the recipient with a hand-written gift card, so you don’t have to post it yourself.

Shop small, shop well and give craft this Christmas.

When and where is it?

Our ‘Shop Early for Christmas’ event takes place on 7-8th October 2023.

To shop, visit folksy.com on Saturday 7th October & Sunday 8th October and look out for the ‘Shop Early for Christmas’ banner on our homepage – or follow the links from our social media pages.

** Folksy newsletter subscribers will get exclusive early access to the event so sign up to our newsletter to have first choice on all the festive delights. **

Shop Early for Christmas on Folksy

If you’re a Folksy seller and want to take part:

Our ‘Shop Early for Christmas’ event is open to all Folksy Plus members and free to take part in.

To take part in the event:

  • Make sure you have a Folksy Plus account.
  • Create a listing as normal for each of your Christmas gift ideas – or edit an existing listing.
  • Add the tag ‘shop early’ to your listing (without the quotation marks).
  • If you are offering free gift wrap or a special service or discount for this event, make that clear in the description.
  • Use our ‘Sales’ feature to reduce the price, if applicable.*

*If you are reducing prices for this event (or running any sales) follow the guidance in the UK Government’s ‘Code of Practice for Traders on Price Indications‘ – https://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2005/2705/schedules/made.

You can list your items at any time before and during the event.

Important: The page will only show three items from each shop at a time, regardless of how many you tag. This is intended to make it easier for buyers to see a wide range of items from a range of different sellers and prevent an entire page being filled with products from one shop only. So although you can add the ‘shop early’ tag to multiple items in your shop, only three of your listings will be visible on the event page at any one time – and these will be based on the order in your shop. This means that if you have tagged five items and one sells out, the page will automatically pull in the next product you have tagged in the order it is listed in your shop. It also means that you can change the items that are shown on the event page by rearranging your shop using the Shopkeeping feature. The changes will be visible when the page updates.

We will create a range of templates you can use to share your participation in the ‘Shop Early for Christmas’ event. These are created on Canva (which is free to use).

Please note: As this is a (free) event designed for Folksy Plus sellers as part of the membership package, the event page on Folksy will only show items from Folksy Plus members and the pieces we will be promoting on the homepage, in our newsletter and across our social media channels will only be from Folksy Plus members.

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Image credit: ‘Christmas Snow’ illustration taken from a Christmas card by After Providence

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