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Get your online Folksy shop in shape with a handy checklist

Get your shop in shape

by Folksy

Your new year checklist for to get your Folksy shop in shape

January is the perfect time to give your shop some attention and get it shipshape for the upcoming year. It can be tempting to neglect the basics in favour of more exciting things like creating new products, but regular audits like this are always time well spent. Simple changes like adding seasonal collections and making sure your shop announcements are up to date can bring big rewards in terms of views and sales.

In this article we’ve compiled a simple checklist for you to work your way through in your own time. Follow these steps, and you’ll soon be feeling confident that you’ve got your shop in a great place, ready for the new year.

Get your online Folksy shop in shape checklist

Your Shop Checklist

Shop Announcement

  • Remove any Christmas shipping information.
  • Update to include any upcoming events or product launches you want to highlight – eg January Sales, Seconds Sunday (4 Feb), Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or any special offers you’re running.

About Me section

  • Is your About Me section filled in and up to date? If not, do that here – https://folksy.com/dashboard/shopfront/about-me/edit. A completed ‘About Me’ section not only gives customers more confidence in ordering from you, but can also help you get seen in search results.


  • Remove any Christmas references from your product titles.
  • Update titles to include any relevant upcoming occasions – eg Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Easter decoration.
  • Check your titles are as descriptive as possible – descriptive titles filled with keywords are more likely to be shown in search results (read more about How Search Works on Folksy here).
  • Double-check for typos.


  • Remove any Christmas references from your product descriptions.
  • Check you have fully described your product – think about all the different ways someone might talk about your product, how it can be used, and the words and phrases customers might type into search engine to find it (read our tips for writing product descriptions here).
  • Check your descriptions answer any questions a customer could have – eg dimensions, exactly what is included, how and when it will be packaged and posted.
  • Make sure all your product descriptions are slightly different and are not just copied and pasted from another platform – read why this is important here.


  • Add any seasonally relevant tags – eg spring wedding, easter decoration, valentine’s day, spring jewellery, star signs or birthday months.
  • Check our list of upcoming homepage themes and add any relevant tags to your listings.



  • Swap out any festive product shots for more seasonally relevant ones.
  • Check how your photographs look in your shop as well as in search results, to ensure your products are clear and well positioned in the centre of the image.
  • Check the image quality is good enough on the product page and, if it looks blurry, upload a higher-resolution image.


  • Check the postage costs on your items. High postage costs are the number one reasons shoppers abandon their carts.
  • Consider offering free shipping or keeping your postage under £2.50 to maximise your chance of sales. (It’s useful to know that on Folksy products with postage under £2.50 sell 4x more than products with postage over £4. Additionally, products where postage is £5 or over have a 30% lower conversion rate than products with free shipping, which means you’re 30% less likely to sell a product if the shipping cost is £5 than if shipping is free.) Read more here.
  • If you don’t want your customer to be charged extra postage when ordering multiple items from your shop, make sure you have entered a ‘0’ in the “Additional Shipping” box.
  • Make sure your shipping times are correct.


  • Check the links on your social media. Make it as easy as possible for people to buy your products by including a clickable link your Folksy shop.
  • Check the links from your Folksy shop to your social media pages work and that no links are broken.

For more selling tips and information on specific topics like product photography or pricing, have a look through our Folksy Seller Handbook.

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