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Craft Drop event Folksy May 2024

Craft Drop shopping event – 11 & 12 May 2024

by Folksy

Join our first ever ‘Craft Drop’ event for new product launches

We all love discovering new things. New pieces, new styles, new artists, new makers. So we had an idea. What if everyone on Folksy launched something new on the same day? Wouldn’t that be amazing – all those nice new things in one weekend? Enter the Folksy Craft Drop.

This brand new shopping event is happening over the weekend of 11-12th May 2024. The concept is that Folksy sellers come together to launch their products at the same time, in one spectacular online drop of new original art, craft and design.

In this post we’ll explain how it works, how to take part as a Folksy seller and how you can get first dibs on all that new gorgeousness.

Craft Drop shopping event

When is it?

The Craft Drop will take place over the weekend of 11-12 May 2024, with a special preview for newsletter subscribers on Friday 10th May at folksy.com.

What is the Folksy Craft Drop? 

The Folksy Craft Drop is an online shopping event held over the weekend of 12-12 May 2024, where Folksy artists and makers all launch their new products or collections at the same time, filling Folksy with gorgeous new pieces.

How do I take part as a Folksy seller?

  • The event is FREE for all Folksy Plus members. You need a Folksy Plus account to take part. To upgrade, log into your Folksy account and go to your Folksy Plus page or join Folksy Plus here. 
  • Create a new listing.
  • Add the tag ‘craft drop’ to your listing (without quotation marks or #).
  • Make sure at least some of your new products are listed and live by Friday 10th May 2024, when our subscribers will receive a preview email. You can release more over the weekend (see FAQs below).
  • Use the hashtag #folksycraftdrop to promote the event and your new product launches on social media.
  • We will share a private link to the event with sellers in our forum and Folksy Clubhouse Facebook Group before the event goes live, so you can check you are happy with how your products look.
  • Please ensure any items you include in the event are NEW to Folksy that week. We reserve the right to remove items we believe are not new from the event.

We will create a suite of graphics and templates with your own images that you can download for free via Canva to promote the event across your social media channels. You don’t need to add these to your product images on your listings.


Should I list my product in advance or wait until the event opens?

  • We recommend getting your listings ready in advance but leaving them as ‘drafts’ until the event.
  • You can do this by creating a new listing and completing all the details as normal, then clicking the ‘preview’ button to make sure it appears as you want it to. After previewing the listing, leave the page and the listing will be saved as a draft.
  • Then on Friday 11th May, go to your Drafts folder, select the listings you want to go live and tap the ‘list’ button. Do the same on Saturday for another batch, and then release your final new items on Sunday.
  • The idea behind releasing new items in batches over the weekend is to encourage customers to keep coming back on each day to see what else is new.

Should I save all my new items for the event?

To make the Craft Drop shopping event work, we ideally need as many new products launching over the weekend as possible. However, please don’t hold back pieces that you feel are more likely to sell beforehand, particularly things like Easter decorations or gifts designed specifically for April birthdays.

What sort of items are good to launch in May?

If you’d like to catch the eye of journalists and bloggers, it’s useful to know that in May, the monthly glossies will mostly be working on their August issues, so they will be looking for products relating to:

  • Summer, festivals, travel, holidays, gardening & outdoor living

Whereas weekly magazines, digital issues and bloggers (as well as most shoppers!) will be looking for:

  • Father’s Day gifts and cards, jewellery and accessories for festivals, travel-related products (things like passport holders, luggage tags, sunglass cases, summer skincare, sunhats), items for the garden and outdoor living, as well as presents for summer birthdays.
  • As always, shoppers will also be looking for nice things for themselves :)

Will all my items appear in the event?

To make it easier for buyers to see a wide range of items from a range of different sellers and prevent an entire page being filled with products from only one seller, we may limit the event so that only 3 or 5 items from one shop appear at any time. This depends on how many sellers take part and how many items are listed.

If we do limit the number of items that appear, the event page will pull in the first 3 or 5 items in the order that they are listed in your shop. If you have tagged multiple items and one sells out, the event page will automatically pull in the next product tagged. To change the items that are shown in the event over the weekend, you can rearrange your shop using the Shopkeeping feature. The changes will be visible when the page updates, once an hour.

How and where can customers visit the event?

  • The event will be live on folksy.com on Saturday 11th May and Sunday 12th May. Visit the homepage and click the banner to go to the event.
  • We will send out a preview to all our newsletter subscribers on Friday 10th May. Sign up to our newsletter to get first dibs on all the new things
  • We will promote Folksy Craft Drop across our social media channels over the weekend, and include a clickable link to the event in our social media profiles on Instagram and Facebook.
  • You can also follow the hashtag #folksycraftdrop on social media.

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