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Folksy Press Enquiries

by Camilla
Folksy Press Enquiries

If you’re looking for the perfect piece to feature in a shoot, a maker specialising in a particular craft or an artist based in a specific region of the UK, or if you need an expert on the handmade sector, we’re here to help.

Contact details: publicity@folksy.co.uk 

A bit about Folksy

Folksy is the UK’s largest online craft fair. We are a small team of six based in Sheffield on the outskirts of the Peak District, who are passionate about craft. We have been spearheading the handmade movement in the British Isles since 2008, when we set up Folksy to offer artists, designers and makers a friendly place to sell their work.

Folksy is intentionally not curated, so there are no gatekeepers deciding who or what is “good enough” – everyone is welcome to sell on Folksy, whether they work in a professional studio or at their kitchen table, as long as their work is original or made by hand.

Press images and samples

We have high-res images for most items on Folksy, but if we don’t have one we can contact our makers directly and ask them to send you what you need. If you’re after cut-out images, let us know and we will try to source those for you or, in some cases, we can arrange for the items to be sent directly to you or your photographer.

If you need samples or products for an editorial or lifestyle shoot, we’ll be more than happy to help. Just drop us an email at publicity@folksy.co.uk and we’ll see what we can do. Please bear in mind that most of the items on Folksy are one-off originals, so your readers may not be able to get the exact product featured – but that’s the beauty of buying handmade.

Please credit all makers featured with their Folksy shop name followed by “at Folksy.com” – eg Kate Cooke Ceramics at Folksy.com

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Folksy Figures

  • Active shops – around 8,000 people sell their work on Folksy every year, with between 3,000 to 5,000 makers at any time, increasing in the lead-up to Christmas.
  • Number of items for salethis changes daily but there usually hundreds of thousands of products available to buy – see the recently listed page for the exact amount now
  • Customers – Over ¼ million shoppers visit Folksy every month, with well over 500,000 in the run-up to Christmas. 
  • Geographical reach – We are a platform with a strong UK focus. Artists and makers must be based in the British Isles to sell on Folksy, and around 85% of customers are based in the UK, with 4% in mainland Europe, 6% in the US and 2% in Canada and Australia.

Background to Folksy

Folksy was launched in August 2008 by James Boardwell. James had been researching early social networks in 2000 in his role at Future Media and Technology at the BBC. This research led to crafters sharing tips and ideas through blog networks in the US, Australia and the UK, as a creative outlet but also as a means of support for suburban young mums cut off from traditional familial and social networks. This, combined with his family background in textiles and crafts in north east Lancashire, around Colne, fostered a desire to create Folksy. 

Please email Camilla at publicity@folksy.co.uk if you would like to interview James or need any more information about Folksy