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How to curate the Folksy front page

by Camilla



Why do it?

The Folksy.com homepage is curated with the help of people like you. You showcase your creativity and imagination by creating a Pinterest board full of Folksy goodness, we share the best ones and you get your selection (and your name!) in front of thousands of people.

You don’t have to be a Folksy seller to create a board – if you don’t have a Folksy shop we can link to your blog, website or Twitter feed.

How does it work?

Every day we choose a new Pinterest board that has been curated with 16 or more items pinned from Folksy.com. This is how it works:

  • You need a Pinterest account
  • Curate a selection of items from Folksy around a theme, for example “Good Hare Day”
  • Remember to only include things from Folksy.com on your board
  • Submit your board to us using this form


What do we look for?

When choosing which boards to use on our homepage, we look for interesting, relevant and unusual themes, a good choice of different items (by price and type) and of course great images. Great images are vital when promoting work on the homepage. The items you choose need to:

  • be available for sale
  • have great product images
  • look good together as a theme

If your Pinterest board is chosen we credit you by name, and include a link to your Folksy shop (or blog etc) as well as a link to your Pinterest board. You get to be the homepage Queen (or King) for the day.

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