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Why Sell on Folksy?

by Camilla

Are you an artist, designer or maker wondering where to sell your work online? Folksy is the largest UK-based marketplace specialising in handmade, as well as a wonderful community of artists and makers. Find out how Folksy works, why Folksy is the British alternative to Etsy and why it could be the perfect place to grow your creative business.

We are Folksy

Who we are

Folksy is the UK’s largest online craft fair. We have been spearheading the handmade movement since 2008 when we set up Folksy to offer artists, designers and makers a friendly place to sell their work. Folksy is intentionally not curated, so there are no gatekeepers deciding who or what is “good enough” – everyone is welcome, whether they work in a professional studio or at their kitchen table, as long as their work is original or made by hand.

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Handmade Maker necklace to symbolised the UK alternative to Etsy

The UK alternative to Etsy

Are you looking for a platform like Etsy but based in the UK and passionate about supporting British makers? That’s what Folksy is. We’re all about British craft and we’re here to help you grow your creative business and to promote British artists and makers to customers around the world.

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handmade pen pot to illustrate why sell on Folksy

Why Folksy?

There are lots of choices when it comes to selling handmade craft in the UK. Find out how Folksy works and why we believe it is the best marketplace out there for British designers and makers.

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Folksy Plus account

The Folksy Plus Account

The Folksy Plus Account is for sellers who are serious about their craft. With a Folksy Plus account you don’t get charged any listing fees, meaning you can list as many items as you like, as often as you like, for just £7.50 a month. Find out how it works and if it’s right for you.

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Etsy import service

Etsy Import Service

To make it even easier to sell your items on Folksy, we’re creating a new feature that will enable sellers to automatically import their listings from Etsy into Folksy. The idea behind the service is to help you get your shop up and running on Folksy – the home of British Craft – as quickly as possible.

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Start selling on Folksy today and list 3 items in your shop for free. Or get your creative business off to a flying start with a Folksy Plus account.