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Social media tips for designers and makers

by Camilla
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A huge resource of social media tips

We have a great archive of tips for making the most of the many social media platforms that are available for you as designers and makers. So if you’re looking for advice about how to use Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest and how to get the most from social media, have a look through all the tips and resources below…

Instagram Tips for designers and makers, Instagram tips, selling craft online,

Instagram tips for designers and makers

As a visual platform, Instagram is one of the best social media platforms for designers and makers – and it’s lots of fun too. Use it to “find your tribe”, gain fans for your work and your products, be part of the creative community, build your brand and boost your sales. Here are some tips on how to use Instagram and the best hashtags for designers and makers…

The best Instagram Challenges for makers and why you should be taking part
How to harness the power of Instagram hashtags to grow your community and brand
What are Instagram Stories and how do I use them?
The best craft and handmade Instagram hashtags
How to use hashtags on Instagram
Tell us about yourself on the #wearefolksyhashtag
Show us your workspace on Instagram
Instagram tips for designers and makers by And Smile Studio
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Meet inspiring people using Instagram…
Meet Sara Tasker from Me and Orla – the girl teaching the science of Instagram
#marchmeetthemaker – Meet Joanne Hawker, the designer behind the phenomenal Instagram challenge
Meet Emily Quinton – the photographer helping makers tell their story on social media
Meet Botanical Tales – the Instagram star starting her own craft business


Twitter tips for designers and makers, Twitter Tips, selling craft online, social media tips

Twitter tips for designers and makers

Twitter can be a brilliant way to connect with influencers, build your brand, get seen, talk to other makers and get your handmade work featured in the press and in blogs. Here are some articles about using Twitter to sell you work and build your following:

How *you* can learn to love Twitter! Twitter tips from one of the very first tweeters
10 Super Useful Twitter Tips
How to find great content to share

How to use hashtags on Instagram and Twitter
What is #folksyhour and how can you join in?


Facebook tips for designers and makers, Facebook tips,

Facebook tips for designers and makers

Almost all of the best sellers on Folksy have strong Facebook pages, and although the many algorithm changes can make it hard to be seen, Facebook is still the biggest social media platform in the world and remains one of the best ways to get sales and views. Use it well and it can put you in front of thousand of potential customers. Here are some tips on how to use Facebook to reach more people…

How to increase your reach on Facebook – 7 ways to get your posts seen
How to use Facebook adverts to boost your reach
Craft your Social Media – Facebook
How one designer used Facebook to become a bestseller


Pinterest tips, social media tips,

Pinterest tips for designers and makers

Out of all the social media channels, Pinterest brings in the most visitors – in 2016 over half of all visitors to Folksy from social media came from Pinterest. The number of people using Pinterest outside the US is increasing every year, so it’s a great opportunity to get your products seen and boost sales within the UK and internationally. Here are some top tips on how to use Pinterest and make the most of its potential…

How Pinterest can help your online craft business
Top 10 Tips for Pinterest
Craft your social media: Pinterest
Rich Pins – what are they and how do I get them? 


General social media tips

How to choose the right social media channel for you
How to find great content to share

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