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Why open a Folksy Plus account?

by Hilary Pullen
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If you’re serious about your creative business, the Folksy Plus account is a great way to give your shop a boost.

With a Folksy Plus account it’s totally free to list, so you can fill up your shop and keep your shelves stocked without worrying about listing fees. You can relist your items daily – increasing your visibility – and add ‘Featured Items’ to your page to keep your shop looking fresh.

Upgrade to Folksy Plus

What do you get?

For £5 a month (including VAT) you get:

  • Unlimited free listings
  • Free daily relistings
  • 10 images for each product listing (rather than the standard 5)
  • Free Etsy import service
  • The ability to add Featured Items
  • A Folksy Plus badge on your shop page  

You can list and relist items every day without being charged and you only pay commission when your item sells (6% +VAT). As with our Basic account, listings last for 120 days (around 4 months), which means you’ll still need to renew your items when (or before) they expire – but you won’t be charged when you do.

Who is it for?

The Folksy Plus Account is designed to make it easier for everyone to sell on Folksy, whether you’re…

  • a knitter who can’t keep up with demand
  • a printmaker surrounded by inspiration  
  • a professional jeweller creating a lot of pieces
  • a supplies sellers with a big inventory
  • or a crafter creating one-off items who wants to increase their visibility and raise their profile.

As the Folksy Plus Account gives you the freedom to list as many items as you like, it also helps those people who prefer to pay in advance for things and know they are covered, no matter how many products they want to add to their shop.

Benefits of Folksy Plus Account
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Featured Items

Folksy Plus account members have exclusive access to the ‘Featured Items’ facility on Folksy, which allows you to highlight three items at the top of your shop page. You simply choose which listings you’d like to feature and it will display three in a random order at the top of your shop. This allows you to:

  • highlight pieces from particular collections
  • give your shop a seasonal theme
  • showcase new items

Plus, as returning customers are more likely to see something new when they come back to your page, your shop will feel more dynamic and fresh.

Benefits of Folksy Plus Account
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Other advantages of the Folksy Plus account

Trust plays a large part in whether or not a customer goes through with a purchase online. A shop with only a few items can look abandoned and so less likely to instil trust than a shop with lots of lovely hand-crafted things.

Upgrading to a Folksy Plus Account enables you to stock your shelves and get your shop looking healthy and active.

Shops with new items are also more visible, as recently listed items appear on the Folksy homepage, and newer items appear higher up in search results and gift guides.

With a Folksy Plus Account you can list new products for free and relist items every day, making it easier to get spotted and sold!

You can read more about the Folksy Plus Account and how to upgrade in our Knowledgebase here >


Benefits of Folksy Plus Account
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Currently over a quarter of all Folksy shop owners are making the most of Folksy Plus.
Here are some of the reasons our makers love selling on Folksy:

What I love about Folksy, Katy Fenner, Pixicraft

“What I love about Folksy is that it’s a completely British platform and allows you to be seen in what is a very competitive market as buying handmade becomes increasingly popular.”

“Folksy has not only provided a selling platform which has been really easy to use and manage, but also has provided a safe selling structure and lots of tips, advice and support.”
Liz Hutchinson Jewellery

“Folksy is a my shop window and customers from craft fairs love the fact they can buy my work online.”
Emma Corry Designs

“Folksy offers an amazing opportunity to take those first steps into selling. With all the tools on hand for you to just add your photos and information to build your our shop with advice on how to do it. I always encourage people pondering whether to make the move to go for it!”
Seaforth Designs

Upgrade to Folksy Plus
find out more about selling on folksy

For all the terms and conditions and payment details for the Folksy Plus plan click here

Photo credit: Chunky hand-knitted blanket with fringe by Loop the Loop